Roadtrip reveals a different side of the US

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-19
She has been working in this restaurant for the past three years.
She said that working so hard
She has little time to travel.
It should be noted that North Carolina is 30 minutes away from Mechanicsville and has convenient transportation.
She then admitted that Martine was not very good at the tips for driving through Carolina --
North sand South-
Miami, Florida.
That\'s why this week\'s 180-degree Roanake rapids, a flashy truck parked at me-
Highway 95 extends along the East Coast of the United States to Miami. The I-
Highway 95 is part of the American Interstate System, a product of the car lobby, and a product of President Eisenhower\'s plan to defend the United States.
Roanoke Rapids may have its name as you want to get out of here as fast as you can.
Its attractions include cardboard packaging box stations, restaurant chains (including another Waffle Shop), cheap motels, and Walmart
The infamous supermarket in the United States sells almost everything at a cheap price.
To be fair, there is one
The sushi restaurant is also outside.
We left New York for Miami in a van full of furniture and cartons.
My friend Le Roy has had enough of the North.
East, snow, lack of work, men in their 20 s with a thick beard (it turns out that Le Roy pays special attention to personal dress) and is moving to Miami.
\"If you need it, there\'s the right mix of good weather and fun characters,\" he explains . \".
Le Roy doesn\'t drive (a-
New York Life products), so this trip, hiring a moving worker may bankrupt him.
I volunteered to drive.
His accountant told him to work less if the unemployment check is affected next year.
So we came to the city of Rhone, not in a hurry to go to Florida, where Justin Bieber was on TV and Cairo was in the newspaper.
(At least three major Australian news agencies could say that last weekend --
Not SBS, of course.
It is embarrassing that there is no mention of the unrest in Egypt on their website, as the senior drama in the Middle East is being staged ).
But it was a seemingly mundane but ultimately strange event that happened on our road trip, at another roadside truck stop while driving.
Ready to climb back to the van and continue along I-
In 95, a woman came out of the bush with her mobile phone.
She is Chinese, wearing a sneaker with a Gucci label and holding a bag with D & G on the side.
Apart from \"please\" and \"no\", she didn\'t understand English and handed me her phone, apparently completely lost.
The other end of the phone is a male voice, asking us about our current address in English that we barely understand.
It took about 15 minutes to explain the truck stop and I-
Exit 95, even if there are only so many ways to say \"95.
The problem is still the Chinese woman who can\'t speak English, coming out from behind the bushes and entering a parking lot, where the only way in and out is a car she obviously doesn\'t have.
Today, as we headed south, the radio broadcast songs about \"mom drank again\" and \"Bubba shot juke box.
(Really, it\'s two different songs ).
But first, we have to call Wal-Mart after breakfast.
What guns do they sell at the counter? Then, the road. America -
It has a lot.
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