Salman Rushdie to pen memoirs of his days hiding the death fatwa

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-04
The novelist of the song of Satan revealed that he plans to write his dark days under the threat of death at Emory University in Atlanta, and his personal cardboard pallet display exhibition opens on Friday.
India Booker award
The original novelist Salman Rushdie says he plans to write down his experience of concealing the death of the \"Fat Man\" decade from Iranian clergy.
The famous novelist launched his plan to write about his dark days of death threats at Emory University in Atlanta, where his personal paper exhibition opened on Friday.
In 1989, 62-year-old Rashidi was forced to hide for 10 years as the late Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Khomeini ordered Muslims to kill him because his book described it
The Iranian government said in 1989 that it would no longer support \"fatwa\" but could not revoke it.
\"This is my story and at some point it does need to be told,\" Rushdie said at a press conference before the opening of the exhibition.
\"My gut feeling is that this is getting closer and closer, and I think it will be very difficult when it\'s in cartons and dead computers, but now it\'s organized, the novelist and author of the runaway best seller.
The Islamist group is still continuing to protest against the famous writer, who was awarded a Jazz title in 2007, but Rushdie says the dead \"Fat Man\" is now just a word, not a threat.
He described the days he had hidden as \"very bad \".
\"This is a period of my life when people say very nasty things to me\" and \"I think the best thing I can do when attacking that novel is to keep writing \".
Other work by Rushdie included and said that seeing his work classified and displayed \"brought me one step closer to writing about my controversial life \".
His electronics are on display in Emory.
Emails and written reporters from 1970 to 2006, the exhibits include letters between Rushdie and people in the spotlight, including u2\'s Bono and then Senator Barack Obama.
Diaries and dating books describe his creative process and how he develops his characters and non-charactersfiction works.
Personal documents include financial, legal and family records.
Rushdie\'s own \"graffiti\" reflects his artistic nature, and viewers can also see photos of Rushdie\'s intimate contact with Hollywood from his childhood in Mumbai to now. (His ex-
The wife includes the \"Top Chef\" owner and model Padma Lakshmi. )
\"From the moment I agreed to do so, I knew it would be a little awkward,\" Rushdie said on the exhibition\'s media tour . \".
\"Throughout the discussion with Emory, the biggest issue for me was the boundaries of privacy and privacy. . .
This is not only about my privacy, but also about the privacy of others. \"
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