see the ingenious toys made by refugee childrensee the ingenious toys made by refugee children

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-12
Before they saw our car speeding on the main road covered by red dust, they heard our car.
A few days later, the dust was thick and I saw a young girl brush some like a lipstick and put it in her mouth.
When we pulled down in the shade, the children were ready, with little mud in their hands and ready to take pictures.
They were nervous at first and then talked about it. Toy-
As the mound is frantically shaped into cars, limbs and other shapes, fewer children run away and return quickly.
If the war did not disperse them so quickly, the children would be the first generation to grow up in the independent South Sudan.
Today, more than 1 million children have fled the country, creating new lives in camps scattered across Uganda and other neighbors of South Sudan.
Even in the most remote places, children will learn how to entertain themselves, and for nearly 200,000 children living in Bidibidi, plastic red dirt provides something to play.
Peter Mandela drags trucks and cars of handmade cardboardleft)
Samuel and Cosmas Amule weakened (center)
, And Joghua Burkene (right)
Pose Bidibidi.
Most of the residents of the camp are children.
Bibibibi, a large settlement in northern Uganda, has a quarter
Millions of South Sudanese refugees
Zone 5 is the farthest from the original camp center and more than an hour from the first area where the United Nations and humanitarian organizations have established bases.
The village of 19 we just arrived is on the edge of London --sized camp.
As thousands of South Sudanese fleeing the civil war entered Uganda, the settlement of the Bidibidi refugees opened on 2016.
Photographer Nora Lorik and I came to the village and met with a group of South Sudanese women who were making decorative sheets called Miraya
Hand embroidered bird, flower and tree patterns.
In South Sudan, women learn the craft from their mothers and grandmothers, hide their boxes for dowry, or decorate houses on special occasions.
Each piece of clothing can take weeks or months to sew, and these women bend over tight fabrics surrounded by barbed hydrangea.
Now, the task is mainly out of habit or boredom;
There are very few customers in Bidibidi.
Milayas decorated the outdoor church and courtyard for the funeral.
When children go to school, get water and make new toys for their collection, mothers sew clothes.
Nearby, Nora found a little boy playing with a toy made of dark brown mud.
She asked to take a picture of him and he held out his hand to show the toy and stood in the same color background of the nearby cottage.
Other children carry the World Food Programme\'s boxes, plastic bottles and various electronic products made of mud.
In remote camps, children have little to buy and do, making their own entertainment shows.
Cartons carrying humanitarian supplies were given a second chance as toy cars, trucks and buses.
Our translation 24-year-
Old Asha, who seems to have a relationship with half of the camp, tells us that as a child in South Sudan, she and her brother will spend hours making mud toys.
They elaborate on them just to flatten them and then transform them into something new.
When she grew up, her mother taught her to sew Miraya, and she still had this creation: a pink sheet with purple, yellow and red flowers on it and a bunch on both sides
If you ask the residents of Bidibidi what they took when they left South Sudan, most say they throw something into the sheets, lock the home and start walking.
On the way to Uganda, Asha told us that children would die from exhaustion or malnutrition and that parents would bury them under a pile of leaves under the trees.
When they stopped for the night to sleep, she was afraid to lie accidentally on a dead child.
In 2011, South Sudan was declared the latest country in the world half a month later.
A century of war against northern Sudan.
Hope for difficulties
It is short-lived to win freedom.
Civil war broke out in 2013 and civil war broke out again in 2016.
In a massacre, people flocked to the border with Uganda.
In August, 6,000 refugees arrived every day.
Dense forest full of mud
The cottage village has become the largest refugee camp in the world.
Today, Bidibidi is the size of about 225,000 residents in Bangladesh, second only to Cox â€x99 s Zal.
In Uganda, unlike most countries in the world, temporary citizens have the right to work and receive education.
Due to advances in refugee policy, this camp does not look like a tent at all
You may find a refugee crisis elsewhere.
The family lives in a small group of houses with small pieces of corn, rice and vegetables.
Most of the water comes out of the faucet;
More than half of the schools are permanent; and brick-and-
Mortar clinics are under construction.
As a result, residents live in security but poverty.
NGO handouts are all over the house: thin foam mattresses, plastic chairs and solarpower lamps.
There\'s nothing to buy here: soap and warm soda on the market.
Anything extra is handmade, but the kids have adapted by using the most abundant material: dirt.
Now let\'s appreciate their intelligence.
Asha pulled them back one by one in front of the camera, and when it threatened to block the afternoon light, pushed back a circle of dull people.
Mobile phones, radios and helicopters made of mud show the ingenuity of the youngest inhabitants of Bidibidi.
A few days later, the children heard our car reach the village again and form a formation.
We have dozens of lines on the side of the road parked in front of a small tea shop.
By the time we packed up our bags and opened the door, we had been bombarded by the latest invention: a clay man who pushed the trolley with a toothpick.
A doll with wild black hair on his head.
A thin rider squatted on a motorcycle and the wheels were fixed together with a stick shaft.
A boy with life
The size of the clay gun took it carefully as Asha put the rest behind her in line.
The children crowded tightly together and shouted with a smile.
Some people are still finishing their creations.
At the end of the line, a boy with a plaid shirt and a big smile lingered behind him, and he was making something new with a fresh round clay.
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