serious cat-titude! owners snap their ungrateful pets shunning their expensive toys and beds in favour of discarded paper bags and leftover cardboard boxes

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-15
Pet-doting owners are usually happy to entertain their beloved pets with expensive gifts.
But these pictures show that their furry friends don\'t always appreciate their kindness.
Frustrated cat owners from all over the world share these hilarious photos of their ungrateful pets with their backs facing expensive beds and toys without liking discarded cartons and cardboard pallet display bags
See some fickle cats snooze lazily on the garbage while their tall
Only a few feet from the last bed.
Others choose to take a nap on a cold, hard floor or worn-out carpet instead of a nap on a plush basket, Cat House and Mat.
Some of the pictures shared on boring therapy capture the cat avoiding the topof-the-
The line playing tower in the remaining TV box.
Here, FEMAIL summarizes some of the best examples of attitudes. . .
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