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by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-24
The goal of solar control film is to provide excellent customer service, as well as high-quality shades including global window film, let our customers know, they can always count on us as a wholesale hue supplier for the movies they buy.We take this commitment very seriously.As a wholesale distributor of window movies, we offer a full range of marketing materials to help tinters develop their coloring businessGlobal banners that attract the attention of passers--By pulling them into your color store for purchase, a global counter display, informing your potential customers of the benefits of solar window film, wall monitors with removable tone samples can help them choose the right Solar tone as needed, global ceiling suspension, and more.Teaching about the energy-saving properties of commercial and residential window films is very important for solar-controlled films, solar-tone suppliers.
In addition to providing quality window film and tone, Solar Control films is the exclusive supplier and distributor of paint protective film for Avery Dennison StoneShield, south of Texas and Louis Anna, provide our customers with the best paint protective film on the market.SCF is also a wholesale distributor and supplier of Roland GX-Professional global supplier of cutting systems and film design software for US specialized in highEnd the car.All coloring tools you need to purchase, such as Olfa blades, Olfa knives, red dots, fusion scraper handles and Blue max, can be found on solar control film, auto coloring dealers and wholesale coloring suppliers in Houston and St.
How does the solar window film work?Let\'s technically: Solar Films, metal reflective shades, to prevent up to 88% of solar energy from entering your home or office;Thereby reducing the load of the air conditioning system and saving energy.If you buy a solar film with a shadow coefficient.18, such as double reflection 5%, it will save up to 12.
Houston, Texas, has energy of 5 KW hours per square foot (SF) per year.Consumers who buy energy in dollars.Save $16 per kilowatt hour.Each SF is 00 per year with an efficient HVAC system, saving more with a less efficient HVAC system.What does this mean to you?Homes and offices with 3,000 square feet of windows and reflective films can save up to $6,000 a year if solar shades are purchased and installed.
Solar window film can reduce the peak demand for power facilities, as solar tones save energy during peak energy demand from ten o\'clock A.M. to four o\'clock P.M.In addition, the overall energy consumption reduction caused by solar window film reduces the demand for new carbon dioxide power generation facilities, which in turn leads to emission reduction and overall carbon footprint reduction.Reflective tone is the most effective way to save energy, because it is cost-effective, has a fast return period, and has immediate effect in saving energy: Once installed, solar toneSolar-controlled window film is a very efficient way to save money and maintain comfortable temperature for your home and office.
It can save energy by buying solar energy
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