Standardization of waste paper names to make waste paper information more standardized and transparent

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-18

 The names of waste paper varieties are quite rich, some can be understood at a glance, some can only rely on guessing, but if the name of waste paper can be standardized, the price of waste paper will be accurately expressed as stocks, and the price information of waste paper will be more Valuable depth.

 China has a vast territory, north-south and west-east, and the same thing is called differently. The cockroaches that everyone often eats are called 'hands, flat meat, wonton, noodles...'.

 Many things, called habits, are taken for granted and become local features.

 Everyone is familiar with waste paper, because the 'color' is not the same, but also derived a rich name. And look at the following waste paper price information -

 The names appearing above, yellow board, unified goods, sheet paper, pit cards, small flowers, paper sheets, box boards, supermarket papers, pure beer boxes... There are a total of 21 kinds of forests, plus the content ratio to distinguish the level, waste paper The name of the variety is indeed too rich. All the names that appear are listed below -

 Some of the above names are understood at a glance, and some can only be guessed. The name you use is in another place, but there may be another name.

 In the Internet age, we not only want to see the textual information of the market, we must also look forward to the standardization of the waste paper name, so that we can compare with the caliber. If this is the case, the waste paper price information will be more valuable.

 Everything that makes it easy for the public to understand the information is published - all are hooligans!

 Who can make the price of waste paper as accurate as the stock market, will soon become the forerunner of this category.

 Regarding the standard classification of waste paper, there is a ready-made national standard - 'Waste Paper Classification Grade Specification SB/T 11058-2013'.

 The national standard has divided waste paper into 8 categories according to source and use: 1 waste paper box (grades 1 to 4), 2 waste newspapers (grades 1 to 4), 3 waste coated paper (grades 1 to 3), 4 waste pages. Sub-paper (one to three), 5 waste kraft paper (one to two), 6 cardboard floor display (one to two), 7 waste magazine (first to third), 8 special waste paper.

The above criteria are listed below, which can be seen more clearly. Generally speaking, it basically conforms to the existing waste paper classification characteristics. However, in reality, the situation is very complicated. Although there are more waste papers that do not meet the above classification, there are still a large number of transactions, such as waste white paper and the mixed situation of the above eight kinds of waste paper.

 Therefore, on the basis of the national standard, the two categories of “waste white paper” and “mixed waste paper” will be added, and the whole classification system will be closer to the actual situation. This will form the following 10 major waste paper categories, 2 to 4 grades, a total of 32 price categories, which should be able to cover > 90% of the waste paper trading variety. As shown below: 

Since the name and level have been standardized, according to the national and waste paper market, the price will be filled into the corresponding grid, so the comparison seems to be more clear and clear? So far, the process of integrating from the name of the mixed waste paper to the standardized name has been completed. Looking back, as shown below: 

From now on, it is not better if the quotations of waste paper across the country are presented to you in the above way!

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