student makes iron man costume entirely from cardboard

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-09
To Xuhong, the ordinary carton has become an extraordinary art. The 20-year-
The old latest work is the complete sculpture of Tony Stark\'s Iron Man suit and you will have a hard time
Find words that can be fair.
Xhong, a student in Taiwan, began turning sketches into sculptures in high school.
\"Since then, I have made a lot of artwork with cardboard floor display,\" Xhong told Stan Winston School of Character Arts . \".
\"For example, Optimus Prime from Transformers, T-
Rex and pterosaur, Iron Man suit and more.
The last three of them are full. size.
\"The details on the costume are incredible.
Xhong painstakingly carved out almost every notch and indentation in \"armor\" and created hinges and joints throughout the life cycle --size suit.
\"For my cardboard floor display Iron Man suit, I used pepakura technology,\" he explained, citing a method of using buildable and foldable 3D models.
\"But I didn\'t add any special colors on the surface.
It is intentional to keep the color and texture of the cardboard floor display.
This is my style.
\"It took nearly a year for the Taiwanese student to complete the project because he only finished the project in his free time.
Xhong\'s art is now recognized by the international community.
\"Creation is the most important part of my life,\" he said . \"
\"I hope I can move on in the future.
His new fans are hopeful about the same thing and can\'t wait to know what \"out of the box\" ideas he will come up with next.
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