Sumeda helps Yongfeng Yu Paper to reduce electricity consumption by 15% every year!

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-21

 Along with China's economic development has entered a new era, from the high-speed growth stage to the high-quality development stage, the concept of green eco-environmental protection has become more and more popular among people. “Green Mountain Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan” has become a social consensus. Recently, Sumeda Energy officially connected the 1MW rooftop distributed photovoltaic power station established by Yongfengyu , a pioneer in Taiwan's paper industry, and added a strong color to the development of low-carbon economy in Jiangsu.

 Yongfeng Yu 1MW rooftop distributed photovoltaic power station can help enterprises reduce costs every year

 The Yongfeng Yu 1MW rooftop distributed photovoltaic power station project is located in Nanjing Xingang Development Zone. The installed capacity of the project is 1MW, with an annual power generation of 1.02 million degrees and a designed service life of 25 years. In the next 25 years, the power station can help enterprises reduce the overall electricity cost by 15% every year, save a total of 4.16 million tons of coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1017 tons, and reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 30.6 tons. The annual reduction in CO2 emissions is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 280 acres of forest, close to one percent of the trees in the Zijinshan National Forest Park.

(The project uses a higher fire rated Sumeda Huilun double glass component)

 The project is located at the top of the Yongfeng Yu Nanjing plant. As a papermaking company, Yongfengyu has extremely high requirements for the safety of PV power plants, especially fire safety. To this end, the project has fully utilized the technological advantages of Sumeda Energy's upstream PV module production capacity, and has adopted Sumida Huilun's double-glass components to achieve higher power generation and more while meeting higher fire rating requirements. Long service life. In terms of power station design, technicians analyzed the production schedule and power consumption curve of the plant and skillfully used the east and south slopes of the plant roof to carry out the layout design, which increased the overall power generation efficiency of the power station by one percentage point. Maximize the use of vacant roof resources.

(To protect the customer's roof, set up the road before laying PV modules)

 Yongfeng Yu  Industry Reduces Environmental Protection Pressure by Building Photovoltaic Power Plant Project

 Yongfeng Yu is a pioneer in the papermaking industry in Taiwan. The company focuses on papermaking and its business scope spans three major business areas: cultural cardboard pallet display, industrial cardboard pallet display, and household paper. It has a complete industrial chain of the upper, middle and lower reaches and is currently the world's top 50. Large paper companies have 12 cardboard pallet display mills in mainland China. Yongfengyu has many excellent products such as “Mayflower” and has been widely welcomed by consumers in the market. Yongfeng Yuping holds the concept of green environmental protection and always carries green, healthy, energy-saving and environmental protection throughout the production and operation of the company. Yongfeng Yu successfully developed bio-pulping technology in papermaking raw materials, using rice straw and straw for agricultural waste, and decomposing enzymes into papermaking raw materials, reducing deforestation, greatly reducing carbon emissions, and solving the pollution of traditional chemical pulping. Since 1992, Yongfengyu has won more than ten awards related to green energy conservation and environmental protection.

 “Let the sky be bluer, make the mountains greener, make the water clearer, and make the land we live in more beautiful. It has always been our vision as a practitioner in the photovoltaic industry.” Shi Jun, head of Sumeda’s energy business and business distribution business, said 'Yongfengyu is the leading enterprise in the papermaking industry, and the papermaking industry has always been an industry with great pressure on environmental protection. The construction of the Nanjing Yongfengyu photovoltaic power station project has become a model for the traditional industry to achieve green development, energy conservation and emission reduction concepts, and the project has also become a channel. Excellent examples of cross-strait quality cooperation between high-quality enterprises on both sides of the strait.'

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