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by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-11
They say that appearance is deceptive.
When a person recently entered the Queen\'s Gallery of the British Council to visit an exhibition called \"dekho: design dialogue in India\", this proverb proved to be correct.
The room was full of cartons and looked very uncoordinated at first.
But careful research reveals a unique world of design and content dialogue --
Color prints pasted on them.
While reading the long design \"dialogue\" with small pictures seems rather tedious, a book compiles all of this with an innovative cover, the cover has a refreshing choice in the background of fluorescent orange buff and black alternating lines.
So what is this exhibition about? It is a first-of-its-
Self-goodwill efforts
Publish an Indian perspective on the practice and context of design for India and India.
The book has attracted 12 people from rural, semi-urban and urban India who have become famous with products of unique design concepts and nature.
It dedicated several pages to each of these people and told the reader what they did (
Through dialogue)
Where, how and why they succeed.
What sets their design ideas/products apart and the responses they get from their Indian counterparts and end users.
It highlights to a large extent those who have tasted success with unique design concepts and ways of using them in different fields --
From social services to business purposes.
For example, it shows the Ajmal, Gurpreet Sidhu and Orijit Sen of the people\'s tree.
It tells how they started painting by hand after graduating from the National Institute of Design-
The shirt does not stay on the traditional design method;
How an abandoned pathology laboratory of Gurpreet\'s father was used as an initial design, painting and drying facility;
Finally, this innovative T-
Any shirt from dholak to Guru Dutt
1960 Super signature picture of Wahida Rahmanhit film Pyasa.
It also tells about the art of death they reached out to Raghunath in kaladera, 50 km from Jaipur, to learn about cardboard PDQ.
Lakshmi Murthy, who works in the village of Rajasthan bangnong, used kaawad to develop a tool for effective communication with rural audiencesan age-old story-telling device.
Through her NGO Vikalp, she uses kaawad-
Wooden box with multiple doors-
Teach women about health and hygiene.
She will first ask them to draw their stories/questions on cardboard pallet display, understand them, and then use kaawad to educate them.
The book notes that Vikalp\'s design solutions have been effectively used by government health programs.
In the chapter \"letters from the East\", Dekho recorded Neelaksh Kshetrimayum in mannepur, whose innovative design helped save an endangered death
Neelaksh learned the script and made some very interesting revelations. Nominated by the United StatesK.
Dekho is India\'s only shortlisted design museum annual Design Award nomination this year.
Written, edited, designed and published by Codesign.
The design of the new year\'s fair recently opened in the United States. K.
By July 7, Dekho will be on display with nearly 100 other design pieces from around the world.
Rajesh Dahiya, founder of Pvt Ltd, Codesign brand consultant, said.
\"Let Indians and Europeans know about the unique works of Indian designers (
He begged, please don\'t fashion designer)
Such documents are necessary.
Although the book was selected for its meaningful content, due to its tiny font size, too much dabbling in colorful text and compromising on picture quality, the book caused
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