the bookman

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-10
A diversion along the busy road leading to the temple of Tali, the cement path is still narrow.
The young boy flew by bike and bike.
Two of Chandra III. room soda-
Units and houses appeared without introduction. Forty-nine-year-
Old chandrada Hill came out and his striped white shirt was stained with soda one day. Outside, an M-
A scooter with fresh soda is waiting.
Along the way, chandradcliffe walked from his workplace to his passionate books, walking through two floors. His living-cum-
The bedroom has books as high as the eyes can see.
Books occupy the entire wall, only a few inches from the ceiling.
Most of the books are on bookshelves and bookshelves.
The rest are tied in sacks.
Most in Malaya, they are wrapped in plastic covers or cartons, or combined between faded flaps.
Chadradcliffe doesn\'t count, \"I just put them around 1,000 and a lot of people get lost along the way,\" he smiles through the unruly gray beard.
Chandradcliffe believes that books are a habit that can only be formed when someone in the family likes books.
In his case, it was his father and a soda maker.
\"When it rains, there is no work, and he will read it to us from the old books of the Soviet Union.
\"These are the only things he can afford,\" he said . \".
As he saved 10 and 20 from the pocket money his father gave him, for business, it has become a habit.
His soda job brought him to every corner of the city.
Then ride a bike and now ride a scooter.
He said that during the delivery, he jumped into the Prabhat bookstore in Yor and bought his first batch of books.
Chandradashan did not study except Grade 10, and English was not his strong point, so he relied heavily on translation.
But he admits that there is often a big gap between the original and the translation, and sometimes he will look at the original for the right taste.
In a series of books from the Puranic encyclopedia to the Malala Yousafzai zai diary, scientific books take a proud place.
\"Science is the way forward,\" he said . \"
His efforts to instill a love for science also extend beyond his family.
He said that he often called the children of his neighbors and hired a projector to show them scientific knowledge. related CDs.
He also occasionally goes to the Planetarium with the children.
Chandradcliffe is convinced to pass on what he has learned and his experience to the next generation.
\"If I read a book and like it, I like the idea of someone else reading it,\" he said . \".
Although there are many borrowers, it is not uncommon for him to never take back his books.
\"It usually ends in the open market,\" he said with a smile . \"
It also prompted him to start a small book lending program.
\"It is more important to ensure that borrowed books are returned.
\"I used to charge ten percent of the price of the book, but it would also be free for people who don\'t have the money,\" he said . \".
Chandrada Hill also reprinted some of the old collections.
\"From my loan to build the house, I set aside a small sum of money to build the house.
\"The man and his books are well known in the city and he is occasionally called to talk about the reading of schools, universities and libraries.
\"I also got a call from the library asking them to look for books they didn\'t have.
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