The Easy Way to Keeping Your Pool Clean

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-19
If you need to clean it most of the time on Saturday, what\'s the point of voting?Every year, more and more automatic cleaners come to the market. you all see small robots that automatically clean every inch of the pool floor. I gave my Bob a name.Yes, after years of searching and checking, I finally put in a lot of detergent and now I wonder why I didn\'t buy one earlier.
Today you can spend almost any money on the pool cleaning system, the best so far is the built in floor system, A series of small water spraying devices will automatically pop up from the floor in a pre-arranged order and time, spray water to clean and rinse sundries in the direction of the drain pipe, and stir small pieces to be filtered out by the filter.Obviously, this in the flooring system is high-end and is usually installed at the same time as the pool is built, because running such a system requires a lot of planning and plumbing.Other types of pool cleaners are suction-side or pressure-side cleaners they operate with filter pumps.
Some people have brushes that, like a vacuum or small nozzle in your home, direct dirt into the suction line of the onboard filter or main filter.These robot cleaners follow random mode and can take hours to completely clean the pool, unfortunately they are not able to clean in the corner or behind the ladder.Each type of pool cleaner has one thing in common, they don\'t clean you still have to clean your tiles and every part of the response with your hands, and that\'s the right thing for your kids?The biggest drawback of the robot filter is that when you want to use the pool, you need to unhook and when the kids want to go swimming, it seems that there is no problem to unhook Bob to reconnect.
Robot pool cleaners use electric brushes to power themselves around the pool to remove dirt and send it through their on-board filtration system. The best thing is that they don\'t need the pool filter pump to keep running, they don\'t need to connect the suction or pressure line, put the robot in the pool, step back and get it done.Robot pool cleaners are more expensive than pump-driven cleaners, but much cheaper than the floor system.
So no matter what type of cleaning agent you are looking at, be sure to make sure what material your pool is built with, a cleaner who works well on a concrete pool may not be suitable for a vinyl or plaster pool, want to know about facial sun protection?Get tips from healthy facebook
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