The Entire History of \'Star Wars\' Lightsaber Toys in 12 Images

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-16
When Obi-
Wan gave Luke Skywalker the weapon of his father from a more civilized era.
The Millennium toy was born.
Since Star Wars became a cultural phenomenon in 1977, children and adults have fulfilled their dreams and fought the Empire with toy lightsabers --
Perfect combination of science
Romance in the Middle Ages
Since their first foray into retail nearly 40 years ago, it has changed dramatically.
To commemorate the tenth movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the history of the toy lightsaber is collected here.
1977: Believe it or not, the Star Wars toy has not been there for a while. existent —
The infamous cardboard floor display action display stand is a myth in the history of toy collections.
But in the summer after the 1977 film was released, pirated manufacturers chased the pile of money on the table and produced a knock on the door
Close the lightsaber to achieve emptiness.
Enter: Force Beam, one of the most notorious pirated toys, has shamelessly ripped off the IP of Star Wars while forgetting to make accurate things.
Basically a red flashlight with a translucent plastic tube sticking out and the force beam doing its own work for the toy
Hungry children have to wait for a full year before the official lightsaber toy is finally available.
Perhaps better than the sword itself is its mail.
There\'s Luke and Leia\'s StarWalker.
\"1978: Kenner started the year after the power beam, and Kenner finally took advantage of the phenomenon by releasing the first official toy lightsaber.
Known for its inflatable yellow blades
This is not accurate on the screen, but it does match Luke Skywalker\'s action chart --
Kenner\'s official \"lightsaber\" is a fascinating relic of another era in addition to being able to shine.
No, it doesn\'t look like the real thing, but it\'s really not the point.
1979: Japanese toy manufacturer Takara\'s exclusive Japanese product Takara on the other side of the Pacific has produced a stronger, more advanced lightsaber with an amazing feature: the ability to change the color by having a round switchable disc slotted on hilt.
Also, the blade is not inflatable but hard plastic which will make this toy a must --
It\'s not hard to get even then.
1981: The lightsaber created a huge war, but the 1980s Imperial counterattack was a game --changer.
So it\'s appropriate for toys to be upgraded as well.
In 1981, Kenner released a new toy, \"Sword of Light\", which has two blade colors, yellow and red, with a \"spin\" whistle as it swings.
Although it doesn\'t sound static.
Y hum light sabers should sound like this, which proves that a huge change has taken place on the horizon.
At 1983, Kenner re-
The original lightsaber was released, but when the Jedi returned, a green sword was used to match Luke\'s lightsaber.
1985: Saturday morning
In his 80 s, Star Wars was a powerful franchise.
In 1985, George Lucas created and produced Star Wars: Robots, a prequel to A New Hope animation after C3P. O and R2-
In the unfortunate encounter of the entire galaxy.
To match the show, Kenner released the last lightsaber toy that the manufacturer will produce: a red and green robotic lightsaber with a handle that is a bit like Obi-
A New Hope, a military knife.
There are pros and cons of robot lightsaber.
On the other hand, the children finally have a lightsaber that can pop up from the sword handle and light up through the AA battery.
No whistle, no balloons, the kids are finally close to the real deal.
The downside is that it is about as long as the Popsicle.
So, it\'s interesting to park there.
1996: A new EraThe in the early 90 s is the dark period of the troops.
But in the 1996 S, Lucasfilm and the 20 th Century Fox
Before the slave-like recovery seen in the home video released today, this move --re-
The original trilogy of THX by George Lucas was released on VHS and a major \"clean-up\" was carried out \".
As Star Wars returns to public awareness, toy maker Hasbro has begun their field in distant galaxies, with sophisticated lightsaber toys that not only light up the lights, it also has retractable blades and also shapes hilts based on blades from Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker\'s return of the Jedi.
While the blade didn\'t take it all the way back, each child\'s Luke and Vader Halloween costumes ended up looking less crappy.
The two lightsabers will continue to define the look and feel of the toy lightsabers in the coming decades.
1999: A Threat game
The propaganda of the phantom threat has soared on the thermal level, and of course there are toy lightsabers who have never been close to what is real.
Fully electronic, with all the actual sound effects, plus the huge glow of the two blades \"Clash\", The Phantom threat once again lifted the bar and has been destroying the new generation of young people, they don\'t have to inflate the lightsaber.
Yes, 1999 saw the epic double toy version of Darth more
The sword is perhaps the coolest and worst toy of the year.
But Hasbro is not the only manufacturer involved in the operation.
Rubie is still one of the world\'s largest Halloween costume producers, and he has also released a thinner lightsaber as an accessory to the company\'s Star Wars costume collection (
Including Darth more! ).
But unlike Hasbro toys, these lightsabers are revolutionary:
Retractable blades are now mandatory for all lightsaber toys.
2005: \"Star Wars\" saw a group of different levels of lightsaber toys in the prequel era. Basic, non-
Electronic Lightsaber with full-
Retractable blade (
There\'s even a belt clip! )
Almost every toy aisle can now be found. Higher-
Grade toys, such as those that mimic count Doku and Mace Wandu, come with all the bells and whistles that make adults in their 80 s envy like the Sith.
But on 2005, during the release of Revenge of the CISS, Hasbro launched its own lightsaber toy kit to make children feel like a real Jedi by assembling their own elegant side arms.
Although the kit ends up just recycling hilts (Obi-
Wan, Vader, Yoda, Moore, Mez Windo and the Emperor)
Can be mixed and matched by switchable discs, as well as red, green and blue blades (
Reminds people of Takara lightsaber)
It is still a new type of premium toy that continues to exist in the Hasbro catalogue.
Today, visitors to the Disney theme park can use the same design and concept as this popular toy to build their own lightsaber.
2007: With the 30 th anniversary of Star Wars in full swing, Hasbro finally gave adult collectors something they had always wanted: ultra-
Exact replica of lightsaber
The Force FX Lightsaber, originally released under the \"Master Copy\" tab, features lightweight aluminum metal that enables all the lights and sounds of a true lightsaber.
Although the custom copy lightsaber has (and still are)
Collectors who want to perfect their cosplay can finally do so easily.
2011: When the phantom threat returned to the cinema in a funky new 3D format, Hasbro made a child --
In a new series called Ultimate FX, a friendly, more affordable Force FX Lightsaber version.
Although the final FX Lightsaber is made of plastic and comes with a shorter blade, it is the perfect balance between the toy and the replica, allowing the children to do without destroying what cost $200, truly feel like a Jedi or a Sith Lord.
The Ultimate FX series was originally released at the construction company of annagin Skywalker and Darth Vida and later expanded to Rey/Luke and Kylo Ren. 2015 —
Today, in the force awakening, Hasbro reboots its own kit as a complex thing called Bladebuilder.
Anyway, you can still buy regular, tried and real lightsabers with any choice you want.
We really have the force now.
Photos taken through Vectis, with Neptune, rebel scum (1, 2)
Star Wars, game Museum, eBay, mysciifan, Echo Base, YouTube.
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