the marlboro man -

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-16
Marl passers-by is the most influential image in 20 brands.Centry, the ultimate trademark for American cowboys and men, has helped marl Road become the world\'s best-selling cigarette.As a global marketing tool selling the brand of Philip Morris, marl road man has achieved unprecedented success.
As early as the 1950 era, even in the upper class, cigarettes were accepted, and Burnett created the macho icon, as a way to reposition marl Road from a \"as mild as possible\" Lady cigarette to a product with a wider appeal.Burnett\'s original newspaper ad, with the slogan \"shipping by taste\", immediately led to a surge in sales.The carefully designed movement, the intense image of a mythical American hero, cowboy creates an immediately and universally recognized icon that represents an idealized and engaging American way of life.
This phenomenon is extraordinary and a fast unknown brand has grown steadily in 1950 over the past 40 years.The world\'s top 1955 best-selling brands.Today, marl Road is still the most profitable non-durable consumer goods brand in the world.The red and white geometric packaging of Marl Road is the most important display on marl Road\'s retail counter, and the advertising grasp in the public and media is the heartfelt response of Americans to marl road cowboys, paradise Road in the western United States.
Aesthetically, the fresh, healthy natural attitude depicted in this cigarette advertisement attracts everyone, the manufacturer, the non-smoker, the man, the ladies, the old and the young.As a commercial idol, he is recognized by the advertising industry as a continuously profitable and aesthetically attractive image.Thus, despite the addition of rugged cowboys with or without Western landscapes and red flip top boxes, immediately aroused attention to the marl Road brand and has become a symbol of the spirit of more than a generation and of the times, make marl Road the best-selling brand in nearly 50 years.
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