the news you missed: fat skunk and the xena: warrior princess handshake

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-20
Once again, we bring you the news you missed this week.
We started with a skunk with too much garbage in the trunk. His name is Mr.
When he was donated to a British animal park, his owner mentioned that he liked to eat bacon sandwiches.
He weighs 14 pounds.
He weighs twice as much as a healthy skunk and has been strict with vegetarian diets.
In Alabama, a mother was arrested for putting her child in a cardboard floor display box on top of a mobile van.
She decided to use the hanger instead of fixing it with tape or rope.
Let\'s take a look at this week\'s criminal mastermind.
Dean Gardner of Wales thinks it would be fun to pick two men out of the nightclub in drag clothes.
The problem with Dean is that the two people he picked happen to be professional cage fighters.
Then there was a quarrel and Dean and his friend were arrested.
Now turn to the more pleasant news: Paul and Georgia Bradley from Indiana.
Celebrate the 80 th anniversary of their marriage.
When asked how the two of them met, Paul said: \"I followed her on the bus and found out where she worked.
\"Yes, I followed her.
If my life could come back, I wouldn\'t change anything. \"Ah, how sweet!
Finally, if you\'re still nervous about getting swine flu, NPR\'s brilliant people have developed an alternative to shaking hands.
Try the Xena Warrior Princess pose in which you greet friends with \"X\" through your forearm.
Embrace yourself, not yourself.
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