the nursery where there are no toys: games replaced with cardboard boxes in \'back to basics\' trial that sees improved socialising and creativity

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-13
A kindergarten improves children\'s play by throwing away all their toys.
The staff said the \"back to basics\" experiment inspired the creativity of the children, improved their communication and cleaned the room.
They called for the \"surprise\" month-
The long trial to be concluded will be held on a permanent basis.
The head of the nursery, Matt Caldwell, said he was inspired by a similar German plan that replaced daily necessities such as bottle caps, egg boxes, Cork, pine nuts and flower pots
He started the trial after talking to staff and parents at Bristol Ilminster Avenue Kindergarten, which has 230 children aged 2 to 4 and special education needs to be 7 years old
He admitted that \"some children asked to get their toys back\" at the beginning, but said: \"Other children didn\'t miss as much as employees thought.
He added: \"It\'s all about getting back to basics and proving that you don\'t need a lot of shiny, expensive, electronic, plastic stuff to entertain and become a child.
It is noted that there is more communication, more social interaction and more creativity between children.
When you remove everything, you will see what the children imagine.
To help the children understand how they work, some old appliances such as the back of the computer have been removed, Mr Caldwell said.
Asked which new \"toy\" they like best, he said: \"I don\'t think you can beat a good old carton.
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