The paper media industry shuffles the domestic news paper scale paper enterprises only 3

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-20

 Recently, Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Group announced that 'Heilongjiang Morning News' will be suspended from January 1st, early 2018, 'Beijing Entertainment News', 'Bohai Morning Post', 'Fans', 'Dabie Mountain Morning News', 'Southern Morning News', 'Silver Evening News' At least 12 newspapers such as 'Taizhou Business Daily' and 'Xiangtan Evening News' officially closed for publication; in the 'Notice on Statistical Suspension and the Inability to Publish Newspapers and Periodicals' issued in mid-2018, statistics were published on the national long-term publication and the publication of newspapers and periodicals was not possible. The specific situation. Incomplete statistics show that there are about 20 newspapers and magazines that were suspended in the first half of 2018. In the second half of 2018, many newspapers and magazines have stopped publications, suspended publications, adjusted the publishing cycle or expanded new areas.

Analysis, the influence of online media on paper media continued, the number of paper media showed a decreasing trend, and the demand for cultural printing paper market weakened.

 At the beginning of July 2018, China’s largest newsprint machine officially ended its mission of producing newsprint at Cai Yi Jie Group Group. After more than half a year of transformation, the cardboard pallet display machine officially changed its production of cultural paper, mainly producing double-adhesive paper and electrostatic copy paper.

 This paper machine is located in Shouguang Cai Yi Jie Group 5 Factory, which is provided by Finnish Valmet. The paper machine has a net width of 11.15 meters and a designed speed of 1,800 m/min. It was put into production in 2006 and uses ONP to produce high-grade newsprint with an annual output of 500,000 tons. It is the largest newsprint machine in China. Up to now, only three companies including Cai Yi Jie Group Group, Guangzhou and Shanying have been produced in the domestic production of newsprint paper.

 Analysis, affected by the shrinking demand for newspapers, domestic newsprint production enterprises have been rapidly reduced, supply and demand imbalance, newsprint imports have increased significantly. According to customs statistics, the cumulative import volume of newsprint from January to November 2018 was 446,500 tons, an increase of 66.83%.

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