The price of waste paper has not changed greatly in one week.

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-17

 Near the holiday, the price trend of waste paper is mainly stable. As of December 28, the waste paper price index has been smashed for 3 days around 1887.

 Paper factory holiday arrangement 

 Cai Yi Jie Pringting Group issued a notice of downtime maintenance

 Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper released a new notice of downtime maintenance: As our company plans to shut down some of the machine equipment in January 2019, in order to facilitate your company to arrange the production plan as early as possible, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

 [PM3 cattle cardboard] 4 days of downtime on January 3-6;

 [PM12 cattle cardboard floor display] 7 days of downtime on January 11-17;

 [PM13 cattle cardboard floor display] 7 days of downtime from January 10th to 16th;

 [PM28 Culture Paper] 5 days of downtime from January 6th to 10th;

 [PM4 whiteboard paper] 23 days from January 24th to February 15th;

 [PM32 whiteboard paper] 10 days of downtime from January 17th to 26th.

 Shan Ying, Li Wen, Xiao Long recent waste paper purchase price trend list

 As can be seen from the figure below, the recent waste paper is basically stable. The purchase prices of Class A paper or Grade I paper from Fujian Shanying, Zhejiang Shanying, Dongguan Liwen, Taicang Xiaolong and Fujian Xiaolong have not changed for some time. It is expected that the operation will continue after the holiday, but it is not excluded that other factors such as the rainy and snowy weather will affect the price of waste paper.

Figure 2-1: A-level price trend of the mountain eagle in the past month

Figure 2-2: The price trend of the first grade paper in the last month

Figure 2-3: The price trend of A-grade paper in the last month

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