The second stop notice of Xiaolong was issued: 15 paper machines stopped for 175 days!

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-16

 Attention! Cai Yi Jie Pringting Group released the second downtime maintenance notice, and added some machines to be shut down for maintenance. This means: From January 3, 2019, Cai Yi Jie Pringting Group will start down and overhaul, involving 15 paper machines, with a total length of 175 days! Please make a scheduling plan in advance!

 Cai Yi Jie Pringting Group issued a second notice of downtime, and the number of days of downtime in January increased significantly

 On December 26th, Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper released the second Spring Festival shutdown notice. Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper said: Because our company plans to shut down some machine equipment in January 2019, in order to facilitate your company to arrange production plans as early as possible, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

 [PM3 cattle cardboard floor display] 4 days of downtime on January 3-6;

 [PM12 cattle cardboard floor display] 7 days of downtime on January 11-17;

 [PM13 cattle cardboard floor display] 7 days of downtime from January 10th to 16th;

 [PM28 Culture Paper] 5 days of downtime from January 6th to 10th;

 [PM4 whiteboard paper] 23 days from January 24th to February 15th;

 [PM32 whiteboard paper] 10 days of downtime from January 17th to 26th.

△The picture comes from 'paper guide future network'

 Two outages were issued within one month, and Cai Yi Jie Pringting Group stopped for 175 days in January and February.

 In fact, as early as November 28, about one month ago, Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper released the first Spring Festival shutdown notice. The letter said: Cai Yi Jie Pringting Group 12 paper machines will be down for 1-23 days from January to February 2019, and the estimated production capacity is about 150,000 tons.

Comparing the two stop letters, Xiaobian found that there are a few points that need special attention:

 1. PM3: In addition to the 8 days of downtime maintenance on February 1st and 8th, 2019, the new 3 days and 3 days will be down for 4 days, so the total downtime will be adjusted to 12 days.

 2. PM32: The shutdown maintenance time is adjusted from January 18th to 27th, 2019, from January 17th to January 26th. The number of downtimes remains unchanged, and it is still 10 days.

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