the simpsons: morality from the \'immoral\' & truth from the \'absurd\'

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-12
In the minds of many television viewers, Matt Groning
PG14 PGvTVGTVPGD rating (
Depending on the content of the episode and the ethnic origin of the spread)
Animation about a stupid father (Homer Simpson)
A ridiculously big one. blue-haired mother (Marge)
A very naughty son despised. Bart)
A very smart and humanitarian daughter. Lisa)There\'s another one.
Addicted baby girl (Maggie)—
Is one of the most moral and enlightening animated shows on modern television, especially consideringsocially-
A free audience who usually makes programs for it.
The comic is designed to provide consumers with sufficientmature mind (
Yes, it can be subjective terms and opinions. of-reference)
Laugh at stupid, hypocritical, ruthless and even mean people
Many members of American society, including those in deep-rooted, established religious and public institutions (e. g.
Political office and judicial system).
Yes, there is no doubt that the humor of the show will get too weird and/or rather rough:
A good example is the episode where the Simpsons went to Japan, and Homer put his shit in a hotel --
Bathroom with built-in toilet
In the bottom camera;
Meanwhile, by the way, his family
Very short though)
Capture weird moves on a video screen in another room.
Another example worth mentioning is the annual Halloween special in which viewers can see a mysterious cardboard packaging box attack, with strange blood drops splashing for the effect.
Nevertheless, it may be reasonable to say that such sacrifice --i. e.
Had to see a very
There are few potentially rough and disturbing scenes
It\'s worth it, because in return, the show is mainly designed to win the hearts of the people.
Relaxed laughter
Of course, with the prevalence of moral relativity in contemporary society, how does one define \"morality \"? (1998)
Define \"morality \"(noun)as, “[the]
The principle of the difference between right and wrong or good and bad behavior . . . . . . \"However, in addition to the above, I have used my own reference point to write this cardboard pallet display, so that\" morality \"is defined as: not to practice greed, selfishness, or exploitation of others;
Respect the planet of all life and life;
Feelings and compassion for all life;
Do not feel uncomfortable and do not do bad things to others;
Practice is clearly in the best interests of all children;
Treat all people equally and fairly
The most important thing isto avoid (
Do your best)
Causing meaningless, unpaid pain.
Those who consume episodes as frequently and passionately as I do, if they are objective and real, will most likely prove that the show is almost imitating all aspects of society.
To a large extent, this program does not block any well-known sacred cattle;
Instead, it reveals, laughs and makes public
Basically examine all aspects of society, good aspects and bad aspects.
Of course, there are too many social idiots and hypocritical behaviors to laugh at, and there is no complete content in this article;
The content to be included in this article will be classified: although it does not advocate gay lifestyles, it has a positive and tolerant attitude towards gays and their lifestyles;
It also humorously laughs at the irrational homophobia that some heterosexual characters show.
In addition, the consumer should notice the gay character Waylon Smithers, a fairly noble man who worships his boss religiously, many more
Montgomery Burns, the owner of the plant, is almost to the point of worship;
In fact, Smith is very loyal to his boss, who is eager and loves his boss.
Of course, Smithsonian may sometimes be a malicious character, but basically he will only do so if his relationship with Burns is threatened in some way.
An audience may remember that when his boss ordered him to have employees Homer Simpson beaten by hired thugs, the Smithsonian was portrayed as a man whose conscience was tortured (
The consequences of a nasty letter from Homer to Burns);
Even with Smith\'s strong dedication to Burns and his desire, Smith had to do moral/humane things by not executing Burns\'s orders. (
Still, the Smithsonian also came to mind the fact that Homer\'s son, Bart, donated his life --
Save blood for burns)Smithers also (
Reluctant, gentle)
In another episode blaming burns, burns went crazy, and with absolute power corruption, stole a bite of the oil well, where the cardboard hook displaybag was supposed to benefit Springfield school.
And the Smithsonian challenge (im)
Ethics of Byrne behavior when the latter blocks the sunshine of Springfield residents by using a huge shield, so that residents are forced to buy and consume more electricity
Electricity from factories to lighting
In the Dark Town(
In that episode, Smithsonian sadly revealed the fact that Burns was \"the closest thing I \'ve ever had with a friend \". )
However, there is no denying the fact that the show also cleverly made Smith
Through Smith\'s unorthodox attention to his worship and desire, gay humor was expressed to an ordinary heterosexual audience: evil, very ugly (
Physical and nonphysically)
Withered, cruel, very rich, but very stingy, liver-
Spots and scrawled 104-year-old man.
But on the other hand, in another episode, although stereotypes are allowed-gay characters—i. e.
Gorgeous and feminine
As the humorous object of this program, most people are laughing with humor (
Not sensitive though)
Homer\'s homophobic attitude (
\"Bart will be a lifetime!
It was mentioned that homer brought his son Bart to a deer. hunting trip)
And his closest friend, Gumble Barney (the town drunk)
Szyslak, Ministry of Education (the bar-owner and -tender).
In addition, the main guests of this episode and the public
Gay characters are portrayed as a very interesting, intelligent, tolerant and quiet character
Tolerant people eventually became heroes, saving three homophobic people and Bart from a small group of violent reindeer.
At least the same benefit for \"gay people\" is that Homer uses the new
Breakthrough products on the market have grown full of hair overnight.
So when Homer is noticed and promoted by Burns (
Of course because of his new hair style)
Karl Homer must hire an assistant.
Carl proved to be an absolutely great man, and so was he (at least to me)a gay man.
The fact that Carl\'s voice is extremely hoarse is an openly gay actor).
It\'s no surprise that they also laugh at the rampant guns of Americans.
Ownership mentality and its obvious dangers.
A noteworthy incident almost made homer.
Get a handgun effortlessly to \"defend my family\" and support guns that are completely unhampered --
He\'s a complete fool, Homer.
To deal with his guns in danger to the ridiculous extent (e. g.
Open his bee r can with his pistol).
When Homer firmly supported the unconditional possession of guns to defend national sovereignty, he asked his daughter Lisa, \"What would you think if the King of England came over and started pushing you?
Also, when Bart asked him if the former could hold a pistol, Homer told him, \"only when you clean the room \".
Judging from the parody of the play on this issue, the story/script writer may be sympathetic to intolerance, paranoia, and often --
Ignorant Americanborn citizens. (
Bart proved by his irony that he was the latter.
The ignorant response to sister Lisa\'s rational assertion that one should not judge another country, especially when one has not even been to that country: \"Yes, they did [prejudge]
He said: \"In Russia, he did not notice that he had never been anywhere near Russia. )
A episode on this issue starts with the Springfield community, requiring essentially unlimited protection for stray bears --
Including a stealth bomber as part of a new \"bear patrol --
But in the end, due to the expensive \"bear patrol\" by Mayor Diamond Joe Cubi, their anger focused on a small tax increase. (
Homer called the tax \"the biggest tax increase\"U. S. ]history”;
However, Lisa immediately retorted him: \"Actually, Dad, this is the tax increase []U. S. ]history”.
Still, Homer countered his daughter with his angry and brainless advice: \"Let the bear pay the bear patrol tax;
I paid the homer tax\"
Lisa corrected her stupid father again: \"You mean family tax \". )
At another point in the episode, Homer said to Lisa, \"I can\'t see a bear --
\"Bear Patrol\" works like a charm.
\"This is plausible reasoning,\" Lisa retorted . \".
\"Thank you, dear,\" Homer said to her happily.
\"According to your logic,\" she said, picking up a stone from the lawn, \"the stone keeps the tiger away from you \". “Hmmm.
How does it work? ”“It doesn’t. ”“How so?
Homer asked further.
\"It\'s just a stone,\" she said . \"
\"But I don\'t see tigers anywhere.
\"Lisa,\" concluded homer as he pulled out his wallet, \"I want to buy your stone.
\"As for the mayor of the town, he was soon in a cowardly and typical way --
Political fashion, accusing \"illegal immigrants\" of being a paltry $5 \"bear patrol tax \".
\"Solving this problem requires real leadership,\" Quimby boasted to his assistant, who was announcing to the public just before the scene changed: \"because of illegal immigration, your taxes are high, \"he wrongly accused the assembled mob of agreeing to complain. “That’s right—
Illegal immigration
He went on to say that the town needed to get rid of them through proposal 24 (
Finally passed by 90 points.
Support rate of 5%).
Of course, the people in town are very angry.
Obviously, apart from foreigners,more-
Inspired Lisa and Maggie, her compassionate mother.
Nelson Muntz, a bully child in a small town, told a foreign exchange student, \"Hey, German boy;
Back to Germany \".
Yes, this episode is filled with blatant and hypocritical examples of irony, such as those of the Ministry of Education;
Although he was one of the most outspoken supporters of proposal 24, while wearing a fake beard, he eventually became one of the last supporters.
Citizenship Test.
Also, in one scenario, illegal immigration charges should at least learn the right English if they want to stay in the USS.
Moe is shown on a large wooden sign that says the revelation of \"America to America.
But after Homer saw the sayinghumane)
Light, he made a funny attempt at the end
Illegal coach-
Immigration and convenience
Shop assistant Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is expected to arrive at U. S.
Citizenship Test
Ironically, however, it turns out that the Apu knows a lot more about the United States. S.
Its history is better than that of Americans.
Born Homer and other proud people. in-the-U. S. , anti-
Immigrant thinker
Homer, when he tried to teach the Apu about AmericaS.
The ignorant and stupid presidential election system refers to the \"electrical College\" in the United States \".
I, a man who eats meat, found that on the only issue that is clearly partisan in ideology, and although the information is also provided, the position is meat --
Consumer society, even if there is a risk of offending/losing most of the meat on the showeating fans.
In the most profound episode of this very valuable question, he imitated (i. e.
Ridicule and intellectual exposure)
The brutality of inhuman claustrophobia-
Induction, production-
Meat Society is used to produce the conditions of the meat we are so eager.
In a scene, Lisa Simpson, who has just obtained a vegetarian philosophy, expressed her moral concerns to school principal Seymour Skinner.
In turn, he decided (
He claimed that \"open dialogue\"
Let Lisa and her class watch a professional match. meat-
Meat consumption
Industrial promotional film.
In that movie, the content of the movie is amazing
\"Actor Troy McClure\" is told by Lisa\'s classmates according to the meat industry about a little boy being taught \"Jimmy\" how important meat is, not immoral
The food and meat industry is. Jimmy—
After his quick visit to the slaughterhouse, he tried to restore calm and he witnessed the rally in the slaughterhouse --
Cattle slaughter line-
Ask/tell McClure, \"I have a crazy friend who says it\'s wrong to eat meat. Is he crazy? ”;
The problem with McClure isof-
His typical answer is --
\"No, just ignorance!
In the back of this episode, when Homer throws out the one for allinvited all-meat-
When Lisa gave them a large bowl of chilled tomato soup, she was laughed at by all the guests and told them that no one needed meat.
\"Go back to Russia!
Barney Gumble\'s view of Lisa\'s vegetarian advice is the same.
Not surprisingly, Lisa, for the conclusion of this episode, observed a large number of pro-meat-
Eat advertisements around her and be ready to give in (
Although she did not)
Screaming in frustration, \"uuugh!
The whole world wants me to eat meat!
I can\'t stand it anymore!
She entered Kwik-E-
Matt, buy what she thinks is a regular hot dog and bite in: \"There!
Are everyone happy? ! ” Then, Kwik-E-Supermarket salesperson Apu (
Hindu vegetarian)
After asking her about the newly prepared vegetable dog
Product, took her to the roof of the store upstairs where he raised a garden with the guests
Starring Paul and Linda McCartney
Known vegetarians and animals
Rights activists).
Lisa exaggerated to ask them: \"When will those fools know [meat-
No need to eat. ?
In another episode about the tourist carnival and the two employees, the last second, Homer and Bart had to bite off the head of the live chicken and practice for the carnival monster show.
Homer put the two chickens back in a small cage full of other chickens;
When he did this, he
Ironically, to reassure the two chickens, how lucky they are to still have their heads and tails: \"You must be the luckiest chicken in the world!
Once again, the meat was exposed brilliantly.
In a particularly hilarious episode, Homer gained love and admiration for the lobster he bought during his childhood, with the aim of simply harvesting consumption in the end.
However, Homer unexpectedly developed a strong feeling for the baby --
Instead, it was decided to raise it as a family pet;
Although later, when he tried to please his pet by putting the pet in a comfortable and relaxing hot bath, he accidentally cooked his good shellfish friends.
Homer still eats the meat of his beloved pet in his painful mourning;
In fact, when he cried, Homer tasted the delicious lobster meat, while in the sad cry, with every bite of his cherished pet in his mouth, while tasting the delicious
Homer\'s absurd behavior shows the progress of society. general)
While allowing other animals to suffer, we claim to love some so that we can enjoy a delicious piece of meat for unpaid purposes.
In another episode, The Simpsons went to a new restaurant where you could choose a live cow to slaughter in front of you.
In response to Lisa\'s aversion to the idea, her mother said to her, \"maybe the animal likes to be the center of attention \".
According to imitation, the judicial system (
At least in America. S. )
At best, it is incompetent, sometimes even corrupt.
In one episode, more
Billionaire Burns has been arrested, tried and convicted for storing toxic waste from power plants on multiple occasions in the city
Trunk of the park.
Ordered by the judge to pay a large fine to the town as punishment, body-limited Burns, told Smithsonian to put his hand into the former\'s pocket and fined the judge, adding, \"Oh, I will also take the statue of righteousness \".
In return, the judge slammed his mallet and shouted, \"when Burns pursued Maggie romantically in another episode, but when she refused his progress, she will fire her and hire incompetent people.
So it\'s cheap to rent)
Lawyer Lionel hawz.
Maggie, Hoz and Homer and Burns and his many high
Expensive lawyers, see the many dreams of Byrne expensive
Team, Hutz ran away screaming in panic.
Then, a frustrated Maggie advised the two of them to go home
\"Well, that\'s all I think;
People like us can\'t do justice . . . . . . Let\'s go home \".
Clearly, the biggest criticism of contemporary society is the proliferation of violence in the United States (and Canadian)entertainment.
The most prominent sign of violence is that Homer, who is angry with Bart, kills the boy\'s neck, basically because of some mischief by the boy.
Although Homer\'s behavior is not tolerated in our society, it is still considered humorous in this play.
However, although not explicitly stated, Homer\'s violent behavior was designed as a negative feature of him, mainly by hysterical people --
The emotional expression on his face when he attacked the boy.
Pointed out the above-
Mentioned, in a fairly-
A memorable episode, Marge took on the elimination-
Or at least reduce
After her baby Maggie hit Homer\'s head with a hammer, she just watched a typical cartoon violence --
Violent scenes, itching and itching in children\'s cartoons;
One of the two characters in the comic (
Itchy Mouse)
Hit another character (
Itchy cat)
He was wearing a sledgehammer on his head. (
It should be noted that the itchy and itchy cartoon is only dismemberment, beating, burning, blowing by the mouse with evilup, etc. , the cat. ).
At the end of that episode, Marge was asked to take responsibility for the Prohibition of genitals
Display the sculptures of Michele Angelo Giro;
However, when she respectfully refuses for artistic reasons, adults who defend/tolerate gratuitous cartoon violence for itching and itching will soon ask for a review of the frontal nude sculpture.
This scene is indeed typical of mainstream American television.
Entertainment, you can see a man\'s cave in someone else\'s chest, but you can\'t see a woman\'s bare breasts.
Still, all the children in the world (
Except for the unusual --
Flemish boy of Peace)
Absolute Love
Bart and Lisa often make a big laugh while watching the book.
Violent cartoon, any objective audience will accurately think of it as humorous as a headache. e.
Not funny at all.
A fact is likely to be the full intention of the creator of the show: because when such a pro bono --
Violent comics fascinate young people and keep them consuming them.
For example, in another episode that was very memorable, Bart and Lisa just watched the comic and cracked-
Bart laughed and immediately asked Lisa in a very serious and sincere tone, \"If I don\'t like violence any more, I want you to shoot me \";
According to his request, Lisa, he does not typically like this strong
Violent comics agree, of course.
It was also memorable that Bart and Lisa were in the episode against Pee Wee ice --
The Hockey team became violent with each other-
Ice and ice
There is no other reason other than \"small and healthy competition.
During the game, the audience was also full of anger and anger because of the game, and blind violence broke out among them.
Although the audience is unlikely, if there is any chance to see any female character endure violence, the male character is the opposite, especially for the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of the latter\'s bodythe genitals.
Pay attention to this groinbashing-
With a humorous episode, Homer built a small tennis court in the yard.
He said jokingly
Unfortunately for him.
Successfully pulled the front of his shorts and caught up with pop musicfly-
Like the return of tennis
\"It\'s the bag,\" he said confidently.
Although it is not to climb the tarmac in extreme pain.
Consumers watching the forced program (a large extent)
Recognizing the gap between rich and poor, poverty and food waste in our society;
Although included in a set is a reference (
Through the mouth of the most passive, friendly, and perhaps eccentric Christian in town, Ned Flanders)
For some welfare recipients, they \"just don\'t want to work --God bless ’em”.
In the episode that destroyed the family Thanksgiving turkey dinner in Bart, Smithsonian prepared a lot for his master burns.
Dinner for many people.
Burns took a bite of the Turkey and said, \"Well --delicious!
Smithsonian, every year you surpass yourself in a lot of meat plants . . . . . . \";
In response to this, Smithsonian replied, \"Do you want some sugar-stained Yam, sir?
Surprisingly, Burns casually told his men, \"no --
I can\'t eat a mouthful \";
Pointing to too much untreated prepared food on the long table, Burns instructed, \"now dispose of all this, Smithsonian \".
But Burns went on to add, \"however, I do have enough room for you to make some delicious homemade pumpkin pie \". (
All along, Bart fled his angry family and he was so hungry that he planned how to make up for it with Smith\'s pie, which cooled down on the windowsill of the mansion. )
In another episode, it takes more than one
Due blame for capitalist society and its richest citizens paying the least allowanceif any at all—
Income tax, use tax through themlaw loopholes.
In that episode, when all the staff in Springfield rushed to submit the tax bill on the tax deadline, Homer confused the previous tax year with the current tax year, foolishly thought he had done his duty.
But when Maggie and Lisa inspired him on the matter, Homer made his taxes.
Form preparation and filing at the last minute;
He was eventually audited by the IRS because of his ridiculous behavior.
At the same time, more
Billionaire Burns asked the Smithsonian. i. e.
Through the Smithsonian, Burns)
His tax bill has been submitted and the amount he has to pay;
\"Actually, sir, through our creative accounting, we only pay $3 a year,\" the Smithsonian replied \".
Then Burns cursed the tax.
Grab the IRS to get him wet and impatiently express his displeasure to Smith, \"You\'re right --
We\'re done!
\"Also, through another episode, the program took (
Probably deserved it too)jab at chronic-
Microsoft billionaires
Chairman Bill Gates
When Homer decided to build his own website
With the help of two thugs, Bill Gates of the service industry \"bought\" Homer\'s new enterprise;
But instead of paying Homer, Gates asked his men to tear down Homer\'s poor tables and equipment.
In Homer\'s surprise, Gates giggled maliciously: \"You don\'t think I got rich by writing a check, do you?
However, perhaps the most painful irony and the greatest injustice in life is: me. e.
Those who least need more wealth --
The richest people.
Is the most likely candidate to win the trophy.
Like Kent Brockmann\'s episode. well-paid Emmy-
Win a journalist for channel 6 and read big-jackpot-
Up to $130,000,000
The winning number of the lottery ticket and realize that it is indeed the winner. (Making multi-
Billionaire Burns, the winner will push it too far. )
But in the episode where Maggie became a Springfield police officer, the role of Burns was used as an example. Kwik-E-
Wal-Mart\'s shop assistants, politicians and eco-degraded people, as well as the rich, who are free to greed, are often hit by the show --Imitation with thorns
In one episode, Bart, one of the two classes
Student Presidential candidate
Nominated for purple
Twins Sherri and Terri with hair)
He told his classmates, \"I\'m ready for the speech, but my dog ate it \";
Of course, he will also be praised by his classmates for this kind of witty behavior.
In addition, when Martin Prince, his political opponent of concern, pointed out to his peers that asbestos samples taken from their own classroom infrastructure showed health,hazardous 1.
74 out of millions of cancer
Bart claims that it is wrong for his opponent to commit to removing harmful elements: \"[
Amount of asbestos in school structure]is not enough! We demand !
. . . . . . \"In addition to the ridiculous incitement, Bart attacked his opponent politically:\" He [Martin]
There is no simple answer;
I said: \"Of course, in response to all the instigation of Bart, his classmates cheered him frantically;
Although Justice finally wins;
Because, while his classmates were stupidly careless enough to vote for Bart, they were also stupidly careless enough to forget or not bother to vote for their favorite incited candidate, Bart.
Thus, Bart lost in the election.
As for \"democratic\" politics, it is careless on this issue.
In one episode, Bob (
\"Tweed \")
Deceive yourself into election (briefly)
As mayor of Springfield, Quimby, the current mayor, expressed his main concerns in his political role
What mobs do you do-
Just like the people in town want him so he can re-do it forever
Elected: \"If the wind blows like this, don\'t let anyone say I don\'t blow either.
\"In a particularly funny episode about the homer campaign and the Office of the elected health commissioner --
An unforgettable episode where people around the show laughed
Many people in society are dealing with solid waste. Exactly-lazy (non)
In response to bartender Moy\'s suggestion, Homer offered a high-profile election --
The campaign slogan is \"Ah!
Can\'t others do it? ! ”.
But ironically, Moy\'s complaints turned into Homer\'s winning motto \"because of his exploiting mind. \"(
What is relevant to this episode is the information of another episode --of-
Factly explained to her daughter Lisa the purpose of the politician: \"The whole reason we elected officials is, so we don\'t have to think about it all the time. ”)
In order to fulfill his crazy election promise to have homeowners do their own refusal work for them, Homer, who urgently needs funds to pay the salary of extra garbage collectors, agrees to accept syringes with open arms (etc. )
Garbage flooding in neighboring towns. Homer—
It is usually impossible to foresee his short nose passing.
Then pack so much garbage on the ground that he has no room for more garbage at all;
So the garbage starts coming out of the ground somewhere else --
Also in a rather poetic way: it pops up in the green of the luxurious local gold Court, where rich and famous people are doing their sport;
Across the podium at the City Hall, facing the corrupt mayor of Cuby.
When the town is fed up with this disgusting mess, Homer simply and truly lifts Springfield town to a large mobile truck and lets it move to the ground, but not yet
In another episode, an oil tanker ran aground, crude oil.
spill on Baby Seal Beach.
When Lisa, who was watching the news with her family, learned of the disaster, she lamented, \"Oh, no!
Homer, a very stupid clown, gently assured her, \"Don\'t worry, dear;
More cardboard hook displayfrom where.
\"Homer\'s ridiculous comfort to Lisa sounds like something burns would say.
In fact, the environmental/ecological problem is far beyond his narrow scope;
For example, when Lisa asks burns if his power plant has a recycling policy, a rather confused Burns looks wide --
Looking down at Lisa\'s face with almost no pronunciation, \"ree-cyy-cliing? ?
He then scanned his mental dictionary and could not find such a revolutionary radical concept as \"recycling\" in the dictionary.
However, there is no power --
Factory recycling policy pales in comparison to Burns
In the episode where he failed to run for governor (
Where might it be)—
Allow, in some other atrocitiesThe power of danger
The factory practices one of his nuclear
The cracked housing of the reactor is sealed with a chewed bubble: \"I am as shocked as you are!
Burns tried to convince the unconvinced security inspector.
Not surprisingly, a lot of throwing
Whether it\'s news or entertainment, the media is worth complaining about.
Although the rest of the episode had nothing to do with media behavior, the beginning of the episode had Maggie open the day\'s mail on the breakfast table, which was surrounded by the Simpsons.
\"This is from the magazine subscription department,\" Marge said with disappointment . \" He read the contents of a letter.
\"They rejected our subscription application again.
Obviously, no subscription request will be rejected by any publication;
However, anyone familiar with the nobilitylike, ivory-
Will understand the tower publishing policy mentioned above
Mention digging in that publication.
As for imitation news-
The influence of the media (
Usually negative, in this animation)on the often-
Gullible masses laugh at it through the arrogant and confident character of local news anchor and host Kent Brockmann.
In a episode about a firmfeminist-
Nanny mind (
Although sincere, but still wrong)
Brockmann noted that Homer was accused of sexual harassment against her.
A poll found that 98% of the public believed Homer\'s charges against him were guilty; though (
Unfortunately, according to the tone of Brockmann)
Voting is not legally binding
He added that although it would be binding if the people passed a referendum on the proposal in question.
Entertainment media is very popular and typical in Hollywood clichés, especially in one area --
This area will obviously never get too annoying for entertainment, especially never too immoral
Media Consumer: me. e.
Swift lashed out at the male genitals, and the unfortunate recipient flinch in extreme pain: it was a spring festival episode where homer was one of the judges.
Hans Morman produced and submitted a film called 《
A screaming, short, near-sighted, old Springfield resident and a hapless driver with dual-lens glassesinches thick.
There was nothing in his movie, but he walked out of the house just to have a place to throw football in his groin.
Of course, he put down his crutches, grabbed his crotch with both hands, and fell sideways on the ground, shaking with the unimaginable pain that American men know.
Unlike other judges and spectators, Homer broke out in the roar of laughter and hardly sat in his seat: \"This game is over! ” Homer laughs.
\"Give that man $10,000! ” (
Prizes that don\'t even exist. )
Maggie, sitting next to him, told him awkwardly and angrily, \"Homer, this is not.
Later, after Maggie scolded him for his stupidity and lack of professional spirit, Homer
Break the vote and weigh the pros and cons of the voting method: \"… But there is a football in the groin \".
At the end of the episode, play for another audience at another Film Festival (
Not in Springfield though);
But in this version, Hans Morman was replaced by the animated version of actor George C.
Scott groaned in pain on the back side of being hit by football --“Ughhhh! … my groin!
\"This is the same episode about crude oil --
The oil spill officially exposed the whole people\'s tendency to choose the charity/social cause they will support, often depending on the fashion level of the cause.
When Lisa forced her mother very desperatelyMarge)
Travel extensively (by car)
To help clean the oil stains of all the lovely animals, they were told immediately upon arrival that to Lisa\'s disappointment, all the cardboard hook displaystains
Hollywood superstars have allocated covered animals to the public --
Purpose of relationship.
This parody is very necessary because, for example, there are many food banks in reality where potential volunteers will find an actual one for volunteers --work positions.
Through, the audience
It is often regarded as a strong sense of poetic justice.
Especially in the episode where Burns wasn\'t.
The body is forced to chew a large chunk of fish with genetic variation --
Caught by Bart and nicknamed \"Blinky\" due to the third eye\"
When he ran for governor. (The Burns-candidate-
Although Homer was an idiot, he blamed his wife with no mercy, \"I bet before the cardboard pallet display blew the whole thing out of proportion, you don\'t even know how many eyes a fish has \". )
Media cameras follow him as he tries to score by eating dinner with \"average\" power --
The factory staff and his family happened to be the Simpsons.
But Maggie, who is making a fortune for Bourne\'s environment
Friendly political rival, begged by Homer to prepare dinner for Burns, to prepare \"Blinky\", which lives in a stream heavily polluted by the toxic waste of Burns\'s own power plant.
Marge provided Burns with the first \"Blinky \"(
Skin is also attached)
Then wait for him to take a bite;
When Burns can no longer hold the ugly mutant fish in his mouth, he spit it on the whole table and on the floor, all of this is completely captured by all the stories.
Hungry photographers attending. (
A reporter.
In the paper of his plan story: \"Burns can\'t swallow his own story \". ”)
With the help of Smith, Burns began to angrily overthrow and break the life of The Simpsons --
The furniture in the room, presumably his revenge on Maggie/Lisa\'s will to deceive and destroy him
Political career;
Almost burned.
As soon as he and Smithsonian were exhausted, he left the residence, and the former told the latter with great disbelief, \"This is ironic, Smithsonian . . . . . . [the Simpsons]
I paid for the election.
However, if I kill them, it will go to jail.
Democracy for you!
\"This is through more
Nuclear billionairespower-
Factory owner Montgomery Burns reveals the evil acts of almost absolute power and seemingly infinite wealth that can be gained from corrupt human thoughts and will.
However, the show imitated human misconduct and did not make it easy for ordinary people to leave.
In a episode of Lisa\'s unusual cheating on school exams, every external factor around her is strongly forcing her not to admit to cheating, mainly to keep the school\'s grade --
The average is high enough to get more government money.
In fact, she must eventually rub directly with the mantra of the school officials in order to hear her guilty voice.
However, it is undeniable that there are some real moral qualities --however few—
In society, by \"using Lisa and (
In the same episode)
She insists that only justice and a clear consciousness can be obtained.
In another episode, the creators of the show seem to have pushed the well-known social envelope too far to the point where they made an episode and apologized to bawdy/whore house.
When a house like this was found in Springfield, the only focus of the show was to expose the hypocrisy of the members of the social conservative Society of the pilgrims, so much so sorry for the above-mentioned, dirty profession
In addition, there are many people who will be unhappy with the origin of Springfield town and the neighboring Shelby town and the civil party dispute, through the show, the program refers to a particular religious faction and its tendency towards polygamy (a. k. a.
Multiple marriages)
Among their religious tribes: the town was founded many years ago by yebidia (
Russian cling to the end of Zechariah, Jedediah)
Springfield and his supporters parted ways with his supporters, sherbiville Manhattan, and his followers, as the latter wanted to start their new community (
Just arrived in the wild, UNTAME land)
By allowing men to \"marry our cousins \".
However, jeberdia asked, \"Why do we marry our cousins?
Shelby replied, \"because they are so attractive . . . . . . I think that\'s the whole point of all this [the migration]”.
When jeberdia refused to comply with such a social order, Shelby angrily condemned his opponent and insisted: \"I tell you, I won\'t live in a town where a man can\'t marry his cousins!
So everyone has reached an agreement with his followers to build their own town in their own way.
In the field of religion and theology, it is pointed out that there is a clear conflict of beliefs/ideas in the practice of prayeri. e.
Why would the creator bring good luck to a person who prayed for it, while rejecting another prayer for the same good luck?
In one episode, Homer basically forced BART to become an expert in mini golf and compete with his very Christian and kind son, Ned Flanders --
Enthusiastic neighbor
A person who feels and expresses completely without homer-Contempt of reason;
It turned into a game where Homer agreed to bet and the loser\'s father was the one who had to put on his wife\'s Sunday gown to trim the lawn.
On the day of the big game at the golf course, Homer found the Flemish family holding hands and praying in a circle;
In response, Homer ironically told his neighbor, \"Hey Flanders, I \'ve asked God to let Bart win and he can\'t let both of them win \".
In many episodes, lawyers are the most popular target for the show.
In the episode of bullying
Jones joined Homer\'s order\"
But then he discovered that the organization was not what he had imagined, and jimbo strongly claimed that he had given up justice and integrity, so he might as well join a verywell-
Although morally
The corrupt profession: \"You let me down, man.
Now I don\'t believe anything. I don\'t believe it anymore: I\'m going to law school \".
In response to Jimbo\'s decision, Homer made a disagreeing roar, ringing across the region --“NOOOOOO!
\"It is also worth mentioning that, in the original episodes of Bart and a, there is widespread moral relatianism in contemporary society.
The hesitant Lisa fooled their nanny, Grampa (Abraham)
Simpson, give/buy whatever they want (e. g.
Junk food, coffee, a big party for The Simpsons.
When Lisa revealed her uneasy conscience to Bart, the sneaky boy reassured her: \"Lisa, who can say what is right and what is wrong in this turbulent era.
\"But it is commendable that the animation has made a reasonable attack on one of the greatest evils on Earth that society generally considers --Big Tobacco.
In the episode where Lisa finally became Miss Springfield, Lala rice cigarettes, (not-surprisingly)
The company sponsor of the little girl beauty pageant briefly used her to sell nicotine products until she boldly and boldly opposed becoming a \"corporate shell \".
In fact, morally
Jack Laramie, president of corrupt Laramie, was advertised by his cigarette company.
The producer put Lisa on a Lala mi advertising poster, and Lisa knelt by the bed to pray, and cigarette said with a lit cigarette in her mouth (
Her words in big font)
\"Please bless mom, dad and Laramie Cigarettes, God \".
According to the human can (as a whole)
Selfish, inconsistent, rather ignorant, irrational reactionary.
In one episode, madam.
Bart\'s fourth-grade teacher and head of the teachers\' union, Edna Krabappel, has considerable disagreement with President Skinner on formal wages and the serious lack of teaching supplies in schools.
Parents of students meet with teachers and principals in the school auditorium;
There, the parents were brought back and forth like sheep to the point made by Krabappel and Skinner: \"We are [doing this]
Teacher who asks for more money]
For your child, \"Krabappel stresses to parents that they all agree with each other. (
In this regard, Helen, the wife of pastor Timothy Lovejoy, made her typical, a little-
Hysterical sigh: \"No one will think of the children! ! ”)
But Skinner replied, \"we
School employer
Budget is tight-
In order to raise the teacher\'s salary, we must increase the tax \"(
Prospects for parents complaining about discomfort).
However, Krabappel once again reminds them that \"this is the future of your child\" and both parents agree with this.
In response, Skinner raised his hand in front of his parents and simply rubbed his thumb, index finger and index finger together. The parents complained in a low voice: \"Oh, no --more taxes”.
It\'s like this, back and forth.
Obviously, parents are really two-way --
Eat the cake they know well.
Perhaps the greatest (
Although understandable)
Critics say the show has played down the disrespect young people have for their elders and even contributed to it.
In fact, many viewers often misunderstand Bart\'s apparent disrespect for his father.
In a episode of Bart, when he was watching TV, he often called Homer by his name and casually told his father to \"turn it, Homer\"
Coupled with the boy\'s disrespectful attitude towards almost all other authoritative figures, it has had a negative impact on the young audience.
Well, except this show is not made for the people below. 14 (
Very easily affected)
The audience, Bart\'s behavior is implicitly marked as undesirable factors in his character, which may lead to his undesirable future in society, not to mention his current poor position in academic and school officials.
Lisa, on the other hand, is hard
Work, thoughtfulness and respect for others
Young people and adults;
She is portrayed as a person who is very likely to achieve great achievements and status in life.
Whenever there is an act of disrespect to others on the show, it implicitly reflects bad performance (
In any case, for a savvy audience)
Show off their disrespectful characters.
Question about whether contemporary children will become adults
As with the habit of responsibility and danger, the answer should be obvious: in a collection of music, Bart sang his father\'s request, \"\" and Homer answered in the song, \"\" (
As if Homer was a responsible parent in demanding such irresponsible behavior --
The minimum age of his son is very low).
In another episode, Homer answered Bart\'s beer request with an idiot, \"No, Bart;
This is for dad and children with fake ID cards \".
It is worth mentioning, however, that this does not completely portray a bad one
Brat Bart Simpson is just a well-known \"Bad Seed\" or create him as a writer --
This is a reason for failure since pregnancy (
Though, in a supersound, Dr.
Hebert told a very
Pregnant Maggie, \"I swear he\'s coaxing me if I don\'t know more . \").
In fact, there is a episode that reveals Bart\'s
First year of school
At that time, Bart was very enthusiastic about the school, and he was not typical.
Only when his teacher seriously dissuaded Bart.
At some point, openly let him know that he has no hope of gaining talent (s)
And thus got a rich life.
In fact, Bart became such a frustrated little boy that he used a big stick --
The picture shows his misfortune and death. The picture shows homer screaming: \"Aughhhh! ! Burn it! !
Send it to hell! !
Then, after the school reached a frustrating climax --
In a way, even at home (
Although Homer\'s intentions were good, he made a terrible one for Bart. looking clown-shaped bed)—
Bart suddenly felt (or, perhaps, )
His closest to productive talent is the stupidity of his behavior that makes his classmates laugh;
Principal Skinner told him
This is the precise point of his life at the Crossroads, a winner or a loser.
After thinking for a few seconds, Bart\'s response to Skinner?
\"Eat my shorts \";
Bart\'s classmates laughed at this.
But, again, one can simply recall Bart in the first few years of his life (
In other misconduct
Light his father\'s tie and flush the key and purse from the toilet;
Not to mention cutting off all his sister\'s baby (i. e. , Lisa’s)
Hair so she wouldn\'t be so cute to her new parents Maggie and Homer.
In addition, we exist at a social point of time, at which time, it is a bit fashionable to suppress any \"blame\" in life for those who may have scars on US --
Physically, emotionally, or mentally
Occasionally, some annoying aspects are included.
For example, it tends to expose the bare hips of only male characters on a regular basis, it limits weddings to only male characters, and its confusing tendency to include those specifically targeted at the French
Bart even put an outrageous, wrong serious
Refers to the collective odor of that nation! ).
Also, for many viewers, the show has gone too far in some of the Christian complaints that seem more ideological than humor, perhaps too-
There is enough philosophical meaning to be understood as a political script --writing—
Like being religious-
Christian Ned Flanders made sure to burn tangible evidence of the unholy universe while his two peaceful sons considered Christianscartoon-
Show the character tells him the pet dog he can talk about (
So communicate to the Flanders boys)
He just finished making the pipeline-
Blow up a bomb at a family planning clinic \".
Nevertheless, the creators of the show made an informed choice, allowing most of the production to take into account the morally gray areas.
This is done by having Homer and Lisa sneak in (“break into”)
Go to the museum late at night so Lisa has the last chance to experience the display of ancient Egyptian artifacts.
Also, in these episodes, Homer revealed his spite
A rare compassionate and decent side;
For example, when he wants a new business on the flank to suffer (
A shop that only sells goods on the lefthanded people)
But, in the end, express sincere sadness about the misfortune on the flank, thus enabling the enterprise to recover.
Because in doing so, the show is more reflective of real life, which is rarely made up of well-known moral blacks --and-white/good-and-evil.
Combine real humor with the fragility and corruption of human nature to make a funny TV show.
Of course, it may be more explicit in some moral positions;
However, through its implicit morality, the audience who is good at observing is not often-
Often experience disturbing power and rigidity with clear morality.
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