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by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-01
If you are a relevant person in the bakery, then you will definitely get the most delicious bakery product \"cake \".Cakes are not only in activities such as Christmas, but also the best-selling products on birthdays.If you have no ecologyFriendly cake box, you will definitely suffer a loss.
The bakers have gone through it many times and people like to customize cakes for their activities like the first birthday cake, Valentine\'s Day cake, mom and dad\'s cake, Oh!According to the needs of customers, there are countless kinds and shapes of cakes.Delicious cakes must have beautiful packaging suitable for beautifully decorated cakes.The right cake box can prevent cake damage and make the cake look attractive.
if there is no suitable package, you must digest the decrease in sales.The first impression of cake packaging should be watered.Because packaging is always an attractive place in the retail business and a commercial promotion tool, it should be your most concerned problem.
Only when we customize personalized solutions for baked goods can we promote from the box.The logo of the bakery and the box made of smooth materials have always been loved by customers.The custom box has a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and the custom box is designed according to the customer\'s size, shape and theme.
How can the use of cake boxes help you predict the future?It is important to make cakes for display, protection and ease of transportation;The packaging is for easy transportation.The design of the cake box is easy to fold, most of the time the cake is displayed through a transparent plastic window, these are the sameCake Box called WindowWhen folded, the side hook is designed to strengthen the box so that it can carry the weight of the cake.These should also be easy to unfold.The good-looking box gives a pleasant mood in the customer\'s mind.
What are the experts talking about types?There are many types of boxes that make them look good.\\ R cardboard cake box where the cardboard floor display material is used.These boxes are most widely used in bakeries, recyclables, and environmental friendliness.
Name shows its material.
\\ R cup cake boxes, which are specially designed for cupcakes.Between each other, these are also used for gift cupcakes.The cupcake is small in size and needs to be packed in cardboard floor display.
These can be different colors in personalized form.\\ R wedding cake boxes are used to give away cakes, especially at wedding ceremonies, which are personalized in a way that their visual arts represent the wedding theme.Especially at the wedding, these give people a charming look.
\\ R color cake box also became popular because of color.These colors have different colors such as pink, blue, white and red.After personalized, these color boxes can be very fashionable;Color boxes are very popular in the packaging industry.
\\ R when you design your box, it is very commendable to handle it with them.Trend analysis shows that more people fall in love with them.This is another key cake box.\\ R what is custom actually?The customized cake box has the desired color, design, shape and size.
This is a solution suitable for the enterprise;Otherwise, you will be bound to bake cakes of a specific size, which will limit your creation.For the brand logo of the company, the due date barcode and related design must be printed according to customer requirements.On the other hand, if the customer asks for a birthday event to give away the cake, birthday wishes can also be placed at the top of the cake box.
How can safety and security keep your customers out of trouble?If you have delicious and beautiful cakes but you are not ready --Of course, the most popular box for them has the potential to bring down your sales and goodwill.In this case, the best option is to use a very favorable cake box for your delicious cake, so these cake boxes must attract more and more customers and make them easy to transport.The doctor strongly recommends that packaging also protects bacteria and protects all external factors such as heat and moisture.
How can a cake box of all shapes make your customers want it in their hearts?You can design cake boxes of any shape you want, such as round, square, rectangular, Pyramid, star-shaped to attract children, small flowers and container-shaped.At the end of the gift, the box is also decorated with ribbons, greeting cards and flowers.Basically, most cake boxes are made of cardboard, but unlike other boxes, the beautiful shape, color and style of these boxes enhance the beauty of these boxes.
Self-Cooling packaging technology is now very popular: packaging researchers have opened up new avenues by introducing many packaging technologies.One of the most suitable food packaging is self-Cooling technology.By using special coating materials, the product is automatically cooled and the temperature is lowered.
These will become fashionable in the near future.If you want to carry cakes in the distance like door-to-door delivery, then this must be your top priority.Many new technologies have been introduced in the past decade.
By using these products, you can not only maintain the quality of the products, but also make them users.friendly
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