\'this week\' transcript: michele bachmann and bill gates

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-10
AMANPOUR (voice-over): This week --she rose fast.
Thank you, Iowa.
But now she\'s falling faster.
Our headline, Michelle mann, a congressman.
Her presidential campaign is at a crossroads and we ask her how she intends to return to the field. And then --
The feeling of tax is flat.
Rick Perry hopes this will break his streak. GOV. RICK PERRY (R-TEXAS)
Presidential candidate: a unified tax will bring growth.
Amman Poole: Herman Kane is pushing his version to the top of the poll.
Presidential candidate Herman Kane: 9-9-9. 9-9-9.
AMANPOUR: It\'s a nice crowd of Republicans.
But do the numbers add up?
Here we do a strong round table on policy and political math.
Tea Party giant and tax bill fan Dick Amei.
Then, the richest people in the world have a global obligation to the poor.
Gates: every dollar is very different.
AMANPOUR: Microsoft founder Bill Gates made concessions to the government in the face of a downturn and revealed his comments on his love-hate relationship with the late Steve Jobs.
Good morning, welcome to the show.
There\'s a lot to do today, but starting with your morning post, there\'s some news first.
A freak snowstorm hit the East Coast this morning, with more than 2 million people without electricity. The record-
The north wind brings winds that travel more than 60 miles per hour.
It was the biggest October snowstorm in New York City\'s history.
In Afghanistan, new details about the suicide bombing that killed more than a dozen Americans yesterday are emerging.
The attack marks a fatal milestone in the longest war in the United States, casting a shadow on a new Pentagon report that shows the overall security gains of the United States.
Jake Tapper of abc TV now has more coverage in Kabul. (Start Video)
Jack tamper, ABC reporter: good morning, Christian.
It was the deadliest attack on the Kabul coalition in more than a decade.
Thirteen contractors, most of the United States, who killed them after armored buses and were driven by Taliban suicide bombers in an off-road vehicle bomb, said they weighed 1,500 pounds.
Four more innocent Afghans were killed.
The attack came a day after the Pentagon released a report. to-
In America\'s longest war, annual attacks fell for the first time.
However, these indicators focus on attacks on the United States. S.
Service members.
The United Nations says the total number of attacks, including civilians, rose 40%. U. S.
The Army here says the attack is a sign of the Taliban\'s desperation, but it seems controversial.
The Taliban attacks in Kabul have intensified and intensified. Christiane? (END VIDEOTAPE)
Thanks, Jack.
The attack came as President Obama tried to withdraw troops from the war.
Now talk about the Republican primary and Herman Kane.
Pizza impressed people.
Ranked first in the new Des Moines registration vote.
Kane has only one hair left, 23% to 22%, ranking first in Mitt Romney.
Then there\'s Ron Paul and 12%.
Just two months ago, Michelle bach, who ranked Romney first, is now fourth at 8%.
Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich tied for fifth with 7%.
Rick Santorum drove the car to the back in just 5% metres.
The poll ended a week of busy campaign clock-in and anti-clock-in activities, and a lot of strange things were handled properly.
This is our man, Jon Carr, who has a very special Halloween episode, politics of the week. \"(Start Video)
ABC reporter Jon Carr (voice-over)
: This week is the worst week in politics.
Start with that breathtaking Herman Kane video. motion smile.
Then we saw Kane even making some weird videos like cowboys riding horses with yellow flowers and a guy drinking whiskey.
Unidentified male: why is it always related to color?
Are you liberals?
Carl: this video of smoking is imitated by almost every comedian who has a TV show.
However, what is even more strange than Kane\'s video is his schedule.
This week\'s bus tour took him across Alabama.
Kane: I shouldn\'t have run.
I shouldn\'t have won.
I shouldn\'t be standing here in this hat, but I\'m doing it. KARL: Alabama?
When is their primary election?
Not in January, not in February.
They did not vote until after 22 other states and the United States. S. Virgin Islands.
Rick Perry was frightened by the debate, suggesting that he might start skipping the debate.
Why did he do that?
Perry: was it before him? -
What do you think, Governor Perry? More debates?
Perry: I don\'t know if we will give up any debate.
There will be a lot of debate, you know.
I mean, I might be a good debater before that. -(CROSSTALK)
Carl: Perry took out a unified tax this week, but what he said about the president\'s birth certificate caused more buzz.
Perry: poke him and say, hey, how\'s it going? -
Let\'s take a look at your grades and birth certificates.
Carl: Michelle bach man rejected a unified tax this week, saying Reagan did not have a unified tax.
Mitt Romney is troubled by the ghost of a flip
Failed in the past and now.
On Tuesday afternoon, in Ohio, he commented on Governor John Kasic\'s Vote initiative to limit union power. FORMER GOV. MITT ROMNEY (R-MASS. )
Presidential candidate: I\'m not talking about a specific vote.
These are decided by the people of Ohio.
Carl: By Wednesday, Sir.
That\'s what no apology said.
Romney: I\'m sorry if I create any confusion in this regard.
I am 110% behind Governor Kasich and support that.
Carl: from no location to 110% in less than 24 hours.
The president brought his performance to the west and distributed a lot of food. -
Fewer student loans and fewer mortgages.
He also visited Jay Renault by the way.
Jay leno, the show host tonight: have you been watching the Republican debate?
President Barack Obama: I will wait until everyone votes to leave the island.
Once they narrowed down to one or two, I began to pay attention.
Carl: Finally, Hillary Clinton became a hot topic this Halloween.
The presidential candidate on the cover of Time magazine.
Look at the time polls-
She beat Romney in 17 points. Romney, up.
New polls show that he was strong in all early primary states. But down, too. Another flip-flop in Ohio. Perry, down.
Through birther talk, progress has been made in his economic plan.
In a series of new national polls, Newt again leads Perry in third place.
This is a game in Iowa.
In New Hampshire
Romney is far ahead. Is it over?
And the daughters of Huntsman.
With a funky Twitter handle and their own Kane imitation video, they seem to have a lot more fun than dad.
I\'m Jonathan Carr and I\'m politics this week \". (END VIDEOTAPE)
Wonderful Jonathan Carr.
So for Herman Kane, it was a wonderful Sunday morning, top of the list in the Xinmin survey in Iowa, but not so good for Congressman Michelle mann, he lost a lot of land in a short time.
She joined me from Cedar Rapids this morning.
Good morning, honorable woman. thank you for joining us.
Bach: Good morning.
AMANPOUR: So let me ask you, when we just said this two months ago, the new Des Moines registration vote put you in the fourth place now, in pain, you\'re tied to it
Does it take some miracle to resume your campaign now?
Bach Man: We are doing what we need to do.
I just want to remind you again that I won the Iowa poll in less time than any other candidate and the first woman to win the Iowa poll.
I\'m doing what I need to do in Iowa.
I\'m here, across the state, meeting people many times every day.
So it\'s surprising how different a few weeks can make during the presidential campaign.
These are all snapshots in a timely manner and we look forward to January 3.
AMANPOUR: So you think, I mean, do you admit that you \'ve lost some momentum?
Because it\'s actually not just Iowa, of course you spend a lot of time there, and even in New Hampshire, you\'re seventh, according to CNN\'s poll
You\'re number 6 in South Carolina.
Are you worried about deflation, the deflating balloon of your campaign?
We\'re not worried about the day-to-day snapshots.
We focus on the main date.
Of course, everything has changed by then.
We all remember that in the last cycle of the presidential campaign, Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani were at the top, not John McCain, but he became the nominee.
So what we do is fundamentals.
The campaign is a very hard job.
We focus on greeting people, meeting with them and getting our positive message
Growth and job creation.
I am a former federal tax lawyer and a professional creator.
I worked in Washington for five years on issues of concern.
That\'s what we\'re talking about in the campaign, and we\'re focused on the actual main date.
AMANPOUR: There is also a date for the core group, about two months later.
As your campaign manager said, is Iowa a must for youwin state?
Of course, we focus on Iowa.
We focus on timelines and key processes.
Iowa is the first core group.
Then go to New Hampshire.
After that, it will be the first southern part of South Carolina.
So we are concerned about the timetable that the United States now agrees to, and that is our order.
But is this a must? win for you?
BACHMANN: Well, because we\'re all looking at America, we\'re all looking at it. And so we\'re --
AMANPOUR: What will happen-BACHMANN: --
Move forward as we do in all these areas. AMANPOUR: --if you didn\'t -
If you don\'t win?
What happens?
How can you rationalize in the future?
Do you think it will undermine your efforts?
BACHMANN: You know, really, the most important thing right now is the positive message we send out in every state.
People see me as a reformist, a warrior.
That\'s what makes me different from all the candidates in this game.
I spent five years in Washington, D. C. C.
On the tip.
I am the main figure in the fight against President Obama against Obamacare.
I wrote the repeal of Obamacare, and I wrote the repeal of Dodd.
Frank, the employment and housing destruction act.
That\'s what people see.
I played a leading role in Washington, D. C. C.
People know I mean what I mean, I mean what I mean.
They know they can trust me.
I don\'t turn cards.
I stand firm on the issue, I\'m fighting, and that\'s what we need to do with President Obama 2012 at the White House.
Now, honorable woman, let\'s talk about some of these issues.
You call it a war of war, a plot by Iran, a plot by which Saudi diplomats are assassinated in the United States.
You said it was a war.
What will you do as president, as President bach man, and how will you retaliate against acts of war on American territory?
BACHMANN: I think one thing I\'m going to do is very different from President Obama, and I\'m not going to look away today from the fundamental issue in the Middle East, which is Iran\'s quest for nuclear weapons.
This will change the course of history once it happens.
What I have to do is do what we can to make sure that Iran does not have nuclear weapons.
They have said they will use nuclear weapons to erase Israel from the map.
This will never happen.
Iran also said it was willing to use nuclear weapons against the United States.
I think if we learn something in the course of history, it is that we should listen when a madman speaks.
I think that is certain in the case of Iran.
S. , of course, is worried about the nuclear program.
Iran denies possession of nuclear weapons and therefore does not threaten to use them.
But the real question is, what happens?
If there is an act on US territory that you call war, how will you retaliate as president?
Will you at least consider the use of force?
BACHMANN: I will consider using everything we need to do to keep the American people safe.
Of course, there must first be an identifiable and important national interest in the United States.
Here, I think, you can see these huge acts of aggression, and we have to think again about what is going on.
This is Iran\'s international assassination plot against the Saudi Arabian ambassador, which could have happened in a restaurant in Washington, D. C. C.
Hundreds of innocent Americans are likely to die here. And all --
But the use of Mexican drug cartels.
These are very serious acts that show Iran\'s aggressive stance against the United States.
They think the United States is less threatening than ever.
Obviously, they don\'t respect the United States and our existence, they see the weakening of the United States. S.
Exist, especially in Africa.
Agreed to reach a status-of-forces agreement in Iraq and withdraw from the United States by the end of December.
AMANPOUR: So, councillor, you just said you could have all the options on the table.
Let me continue to Libya.
You say you disagree with President Obama that the actions in Libya and there are not in the national interest of the United States.
So, as President bach man, if you don\'t make a decision to lead and support NATO, there will probably be thousands of deaths in Benghazi and Gaddafi will still be in power. Would that --
Is this what President Bach man wants?
BACHMANN: it\'s clear, again, that Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the United States has no significant interest in Libya.
This is a precursor to America\'s involvement in another country.
I believe this was the wrong decision made by President Obama, who said the reason he was involved in American affairs was ---
He made this decision on his own and did not go to Congress ---
He said he made the decision for humanitarian purposes.
But obviously it\'s about regime change.
This is the focus of the president.
So, now, we\'re in a mess in Libya.
We do not know that the ruling party will enter Libya.
There are some signs that Gibrill is an early leader, but we don\'t know if this is the end result.
There is now basically a war between Misurata and Benghazi factions.
So this is clearly not resolved, and how is the leadership or future of Libya going.
There is great uncertainty and confusion.
Of course, when there is uncertainty and confusion in a country, you will see that trouble and potential extremists may be in power.
This is not good for America\'s interests in this field.
AMANPOUR: to put it simply, Gaddafi who launched terrorist plots and actions against the United States is no longer there.
So, now that we see the end of the game, you \'ve seen what\'s going on, would you still say, considering the relatively small US? S.
Participation, about $1 billion, only support the plane, no boots on the ground, isn\'t it worth it?
Is that still where you are?
Bach Man: My position is that the United States should not enter Libya because the last chapter is not written.
This is a timely snapshot.
The Libyan region is very unstable and death and fighting continue.
This will not end soon.
Thus, the struggle for power continues.
Again, this is now a problem in the Middle East.
Who will eventually have power?
It is not clear who will ultimately control power.
Will it be the Muslim Brotherhood?
Will it be an extremist?
Of course, the same is true in Libya.
Will the ruling be an extremist?
In Libya, this is very important because of cardboard hook displayrevenues.
As we know, oil revenues may be used to further fund the global calibers and extremists.
So this is far from being resolved in Libya.
AMANPOUR: Let\'s take the security issue home.
With regard to illegal immigration, you have made a number of statements that make people curious about the details of your attention in this regard.
I want to play some of what you said about this week.
Let\'s listen. (
Start Video Editing)
BACHMANN: As stated in the introduction to Yemen and Syria, 59,000 people crossed the border this year alone.
These countries are countries that support terrorism.
They are entering our country. (END VIDEO CLIP)
AMANPOUR: member bach man, I just want to read from the US reportS.
The Customs and Border Protection Bureau said 59,000 people were the total number of illegal immigrants arrested from all countries outside Mexico, but only 11 of them were from Yemen and only 5 were illegal immigrants from Syria, not 59,000
I mean, how did you get those numbers wrong?
BACHMANN: I\'m not in my--
In the full context of my statement, I do not say that 59,000 people are entirely from countries that support terrorism.
I said it included--
But you didn\'t notice what I said.
The fact that the US government has failed to secure our borders puts the American people at risk.
If one person illegally crosses our border from a country that supports terrorism, it shows the failure of the US government.
In fact, with the exception of Mexicans, we have 59,000 people in a year, which undoubtedly poses a threat.
But no, I didn\'t say they were all national supporters of terrorism.
So it\'s not accurate for you to report Amanpur: in fact, it\'s your statement there.
I hear what you are saying now to talk about what you really mean.
Of course, Yemen is not a country that supports terrorism.
But can I really continue? -
Bach: Yes. That is right.
Yemen is not a country that supports terrorism.
I didn\'t say they were.
The Secretary of State\'s website lists countries that support terrorism.
That\'s the problem, and it\'s a concern that we do have people from countries that support terrorism crossing the southern border of the United States unimpeded, and that\'s why I say within a year of office, I am going to build a very necessary fence on our border.
AMANPOUR: Well, thank you for clarifying what you said last week on this issue.
But let me ask you one last question about your opponent.
You have basically said that Governor Perry is taking it, and as you said, imitation is the most sincere compliment to take your ideas in his tax proposal.
But he\'s talking about a unified tax. you\'re not talking about it.
How do you consider accepting your ideas?
BACHMANN: My tax plan is unique and unlike any other plan, my plan requires that every American pay some fees on the federal income tax, because 51% of Americans today do not pay federal income tax.
This needs to change.
We are at a turning point now.
What everyone needs to pay.
So I got a page from the economic miracles created by Ronald Reagan and the 1980 s.
Reagan reduced the tax rate and simplified it.
Now, because he works with the Democratic Congress, he can\'t abolish it. S. tax code.
I am going to repeal the US federal tax code and instead I will unify the tax rate and simplify it.
I\'m not going to have only one rate, but I\'ll have a couple of rates, which is a flat, simple, much fairer system, which will be fair and add revenue to the federal government.
AMANPOUR: member Bachmann, thank you very much for joining us at this point.
Thank you all. good morning.
Amanpur: Good morning. And up next --
Cain won, can Pizza tycoon keep the momentum?
Or will he break out before voters vote?
Our round table is coming soon. (
Start Video Editing)
We are obviously very excited about this.
I think it shows that although the experts have been criticizing me for not living in Iowa, we do a lot of work in Iowa and still pay off. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Amanpur: Herman Kane had his first experience in Alabama last night-
Completed in Des Moines registration vote.
There are two very different things to get to the top of the mountain and stay there.
The real question is, how far can Kane go?
Let\'s come to our round table.
George Will, Corky Roberts, former President Obama\'s Council of Economic Advisers, Austan gourby, and Ron Brownstein of National Magazine.
You \'ve just heard Herman Kane say you \'ve all seen polls in Des Moines, Iowa.
Will he stay there, George?
Can he maintain that momentum?
Will: if the future is like the past, it\'s not ---
It\'s always not until it\'s not.
The general concept is that in Iowa, you have to do a complex organization in a county on a night in January, take the bus and send them to the caucus.
Maybe you don\'t do that anymore.
But my feeling is that from now on, the Iowa party group meeting has started.
You know the old adage, in American politics, it\'s been a long time overnight and a week is forever.
No one voted.
Iowans did not notice yet.
Roberts: Herman Kane is just not this week or this two weeks. Romney.
We haven\'t had it all season-Romneys.
Whether it\'s Rick Perry, Herman Kane, Donald Trump or Chris Christie, this week is the case.
Until the Republicans decide that someone is really not.
Romney or Romney will be the candidates and we will continue to bring these people in.
Brownstein: in fact, if you look at it, Des Moines registered to vote internally is very consistent with what we saw in the other four votes we announced this week.
CNN conducted polls in all early states in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida.
The pattern is the same everywhere.
Half of the political parties do not agree with the tea party, nor are they evangelical Christians, who are steadily consolidating around Romney.
So he had a problem inside.
Including the face of Congress and the fund --raisers from -(CROSSTALK)
Brownstein: his numbers are double in all these states.
With the digital advantage of that party.
But on the other side of the party, supporters of the Tea Party, evangelical Christians, are very important in Iowa, with 60% of the vote in 2008, they don\'t want Romney, but they haven\'t found a candidate yet.
As Cokie said, it\'s Kane now, and it used to be Perry, bach man, Palin, Trump.
It\'s not clear this is where the moving fingers stop.
What I\'m trying to say is, I don\'t think it\'s just-Romney.
I think Herman Kane has a voice that they think is a new idea.
So he got 9-9-
Plan 9, most of the others are just a little flinch and try to say as little as possible.
Roberts: He\'s the most interesting in the long run.
His ads look really interesting, you know.
AMANPOUR: Yes, we\'re going to talk about this, but let me introduce Dick almei, a former congressman who is clearly the main voice of the Tea Party.
Are you hugging Herman Kane, MP?
If not, why not?
Well, we all--
I speak to many people all over the country on my own behalf, and we like the authenticity of Herman Kane.
But you can make it clear that he is not a politician.
He was criticized by politicians for being too amateur and doing all the wrong moves, however, he already has a record of personal achievement, in his personal life and other aspects, none of these achievements can match ---
How often does he finish his work.
The way he spoke was direct.
He dares to run very directly in a way that doesn\'t seem to be bothered by too much advice from political professionals.
So from our point of view, yes, he\'s not one of them.
So, he--
This made him very attractive to us.
Is he a new flag bearer?
Because obviously, Michelle bach man has that title, that position, that ego.
Some position was announced in the summer.
But did he give it to you now?
Do you think he has a stamina?
In fact, this is a long process. term process.
We like to involve people in the competition and put forward their opinions.
We like Herman Kane very much.
We don\'t think he has the best economic plan.
At the end of the day, we are concerned about what policies the new government will actually implement, working with the new majority in the House and Senate, which in fact will push the economy forward, give our children a chance to find a better job, a job at the beginning.
It\'s all about our grandchildren.
Roberts: I remember, Congressman Almay, Governor Perry was really the one you were waiting for, right, see how he\'s doing?
As far as I know, you like his economic plan.
Well, Governor Perry had--
In the United States, the first best public policy option to drive employment, growth and economic growth is to unify taxes.
This has been known since Hall and La Quinta were created in 1984.
He may also realize for the first time that the U (ph)
In Washington, government officials are more responsive to the general public than to special interest groups, so we have the opportunity to actually develop such growth policies for the United States.
ROBERTS: But what you\'re hearing here is that a lot of Republicans want Rick Perry to pull it out.
He has not done so far.
Brownstein: because the Iowa poll really highlights the risks I think conservative because the people in the Republican Party who definitely want to nominate Mitt Romney may never be in the majority,, if most people are not united behind a candidate, he may actually be multiple candidates.
Now, look at a poll like this, and that\'s where it goes.
Someone from the Dick almei group told me this week that they might feel compelled to support a Conservative candidate because they need to be United if they are going to stop Romney, they clearly have questions and questions about who.
Will: The only person who can stop Romney is Romney (inaudible)
Do this week, there are a few-(CROSSTALK)WILL: --
A series of changes in his mind
AMANPOUR: Let\'s stick to Perry for a second because everyone has a lot of hope for him, but we \'ve seen him collapse a bit under the pressure of debate.
This is what he told Fox News this week about these debates. (
Start Video Editing)
Perry: these debates are nothing more than to overthrow the candidate.
What they are interested in is only creating a sensation between candidates, not really talking about important issues. (END VIDEO CLIP)
AMANPOUR: He said he will have a debate in November, but we don\'t know about the future.
Is it important? Should we --
Does he need to continue the debate?
Or does he need to do something else?
WILL: Well, if he\'s going to be in the debate, he needs to do better in the debate.
What if he doesn\'t? (CROSSTALK)
WILL: But let\'s-
Can we assert that these debates are absurd subtraction (ph)
From the understanding of the country?
They are not debates. they are press conferences.
Eight on the stage, you can\'t debate.
Does anyone remember what Lincoln and Douglas did?
The first candidate talked for an hour.
The second candidate in an hour and a half(CROSSTALK)
If you want them to talk for an hour, George, you know ---
You see, we have both experienced this, but especially in the extended Democratic primary elections in 2008.
And, one thing that does happen is that it\'s easy to have small pieces that create a mess.
But I will say that you also see some kind of discipline that prepares you for a difficult and long election.
I think if he is no longer in the debate. . . (CROSSTALK)
Yes, I agree.
But what about a unified tax plan?
Because that\'s what he thought. -
Everyone suddenly fell in love with these unified tax plans?
But let me--
But only in the debate.
The truth is that even though they are not enlightened, what they do is to constantly overthrow the president.
I mean, that\'s your central message.
I do think that in this case, when you have a long primary-
You know, in one case, not the other, the information about the anti-ruling party does have an impact in that case.
Bronstein: Cokie, there\'s a second thing in the debate, very fast, and it answers George\'s previous correct point that the way you run for president may change.
Debate has become a form of public financing.
They allowed candidates who could not establish such funds to continue their campaign.
Increase the base, organizational structure, and even broad support in the voting.
The elimination process is changing.
If you can continue these debates and have 5 million, 6 million people watch them, and only about 20 million, 25 million people traditionally vote in the entire primary, you will attract a large audience.
All of these candidates are able to maintain a 10% approval rating, which may eventually help Romney as it continues to split the vote against him.
But the way to run for president is changing, and that\'s part of it.
It is becoming a national audition in which voters around the world are being interviewed by the same national media. And this on-the-
Ground organizations in Iowa and New Hampshire, while not irrelevant, are less important than before.
AMANPOUR: So let me ask this question now, unify the tax, which has a lot to do with Republicans.
Basically, Rick Perry\'s plan, which we can see there, is that one can choose whether to continue to file at the rate they are currently paying, or to pay a flat rate of 20%.
It also retains some popular deductions for families earning less than $500,000.
Does this make a little sense to everyone?
Unidentified male: No, a little--
This is a lot for someone. (CROSSTALK)
GOOLSBEE: It\'s like we\'re going to try to bring back the tax version of casual clothes.
I mean, we \'ve thought about it. 20 years ago, we thought we \'d gone through everything--
When we reduce the unified tax, you will find that this is a huge tax cut for high taxes.
To raise the same income, income earners must raise taxes for the middle class.
The only way to avoid doing this is to make it a big loser in revenue.
So I think what\'s interesting about the Republican candidates is that if you look at Kane, if you look at Perry, if you look at Romney, what they\'re raising is not just a refusal to raise taxes, as part of the supercommittee, we have raised any income in a balanced way, but they are actively advocating moretrillion-
High-end dollar tax cuts. And I think --
In this case, I don\'t see how the supercommittee survives.
Roberts: they may not survive anyway.
Well, let me--
Let me point out the pretty, you know, big cock we just heard.
You know, it\'s part of the party line.
I appreciate it.
ARMEY: But the fact is that throughout Eastern Europe, and throughout the history of implementing the plan in the world economy, it turns out that uniform taxation is the best engine of growth for the economy.
Now, let\'s put it in the context of growth and everyone\'s income will increase and you will be the same for everyone.
I don\'t understand why all these romantic Equalists linger on the left side of American politics and can\'t accept being fair to everyone and everyone else. (CROSSTALK)
In fact, our current tax system is very unfair and cruel. it has suppressed the economy and destroyed our spirit.
Let\'s replace it with something decent, honest and fair, and it has no mission but to raise the necessary income for the government.
ROBERTS: Well, I think--I think, Mr.
If you are the majority leader, you will find many businesses. -
Business people don\'t agree with you.
I mean, the deduction for Medicare has always been something that they use very much, and of course, the deduction for mortgages, and of course, charitable donations, supporting universities and charities.
Brownstein: soon, one of the \"romantic Equalists\" was a private citizen named Mitt Romney, who made the most of it in 1996.
Newspapers in Boston, New Hampshire and Iowa advertise that the unified tax is a tax cut for fat cats.
Because it\'s not--
Because even if it is taxed on all wages at the same level, it is completely exempt from taxes on interest, dividends and capital gains.
So, because when these people are concentrated at the top, it does actually provide substantial benefits to those at the top of the income ladder.
We don\'t have time.
Thank you very much.
This will continue. . .
Well, you know, I heard a complaint from a president. . .
I\'m sorry, Congressman. ARMEY: . . .
In the past yearand-a-half. . .
We don\'t have time. ARMEY: . . .
The wealthy businessmen are enjoying all these tax benefits.
This took them away.
AMANPOUR: Thank you very much.
This conversation will continue in the \"green room.
\"Next, a public conversation with Bill Gates about Steve Jobs, the class war, and what the United States can do and must do for the world\'s most vulnerable groups.
President Obama will travel to France next week for G-
Economic Summit in Cannes.
The same is true of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.
His mission is to persuade some of the richest countries and companies to take care of the poor.
He has some innovative ideas on how to do this.
But with the economic crisis spreading all over the world, it will be a tough sell-off.
Gates had a taste of the challenge during his visit to Capitol Hill this week.
I talked to him about the frustration in Washington and most parts of the country.
AMANPOUR: Do you believe that there is now a concept of class warfare in this country?
Gates: No. Fortunately, there is no class war.
War is like where you shoot each other. . .
I know. But. . . (CROSSTALK)GATES: --
There are barricades on the street. . .
Believe me, I know the war. GATES: Right (LAUGTHER).
How does it look?
AMANPOUR: Buffett\'s rule, for example, and all the other proposals the president is making are called class wars by his opposition.
Do you agree with Buffett\'s rules?
Do you support it? GATES: Well… (LAUGHTER)
AMANPOUR: why is it interesting?
Gates: Well, I just can\'t imagine-
These millionaires and billionaires-barriciding (sic)
Because they have to pay four to 5% more taxes.
I mean, it\'s going to be tough for them . . . . . . There must be reason to think that taxes should be more progressive.
You know, that one. -
All kinds of people are debating this issue.
Do you support Buffett\'s rules?
Gates: I\'m not an expert on how we should tax.
Obviously, you can\'t raise the tax we need just by pursuing 1%.
Yes, I usually agree with the idea that ---
The rich should pay a little more.
But to really address the deficit gap we are talking about is not enough in numbers alone.
You talked a lot about education.
Obviously, we know, we \'ve seen numbers, the more you get educated, the more your degree and degree, the less your problems with employment, and so on.
But a new book is published.
It says Bill Gates is a college dropout. Steve Jobs was.
Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.
Basically, what I\'m trying to say is that it\'s not just a college problem, entrepreneurs and innovators may need a different path to get the success that you all bring, you know, America needs that kind of success.
Gates: I think some people will go their own way.
And, you know, these people don\'t need someone to make a route for them.
I mean, I don\'t think anyone would say, well, you went to Reed College and you dropped out of school six months later, you--
You take all kinds of medicines for a while and you go to India.
I don\'t think that\'s what we need.
You know, one out of a million types.
For most people, being able to do math, being able to read, having the job skills that make you a nurse, the job skills that make you a cop, you know, these are great things.
Our ability to do so needs to be expanded.
Bill Gates\'s latest mission-
Let the richest countries in the world continue to invest in the developing world.
It was a tough sell-off when budgets in many countries were so tight.
At the 20 summit next month, you will propose that the richest countries in the world do and fulfill their commitments and give more money to some of the poorest countries.
Isn\'t this a heavy lifting in this era of austerity?
Gates: Well, if we really look at how the world has improved over the past few decades, how we have reduced poverty, reduced malnutrition, and reduced mortality among children under the age of five, it\'s very impressive.
Despite the economic crisis, we need to learn from it, to be generous, to innovate, and to build on it.
AMANPOUR: How do you convince people in this country that this is actually something that should be done?
Gates: of course, if you talk to people about providing AIDS drugs to people who would otherwise die, or a network of malaria beds that protect children, United States of AmericaS.
Voters are very generous about this.
They are very excited about the US government. S.
Has always been a leader in both areas.
When they found that less than 1% of the federal budget was spent on extensive assistance, they were very surprised because these high-impact health programs were only part of it.
So, you know, if we do a referendum on mosquito nets or AIDS drugs, I\'m sure we\'ll do a good job, as long as it\'s not buried under the size of the government or under the broad provisions on foreign aid, this leads to a history of less effective foreign aid during the Cold War.
You were on Capitol Hill.
What kind of welcome have you received?
Gates: they do have a lot of restrictions.
So should these money to help the poorest, to strengthen national security, cut more than anything else?
Should they be cut equally?
Or should it be saved?
That\'s something they have to think about, you know.
You know, I remind them that every dollar is very different.
AMANPOUR: When President Obama said it was time to be a country-
Build at home, what is your answer?
Gates: Well, I think, absolutely, America has to go back and see what\'s going on with our education system, what\'s going on with our medical expenses, our infrastructure, our energy, what\'s going on with our R & D?
There are some very important things.
That\'s why the 99% budget-
Will focus on the domestic.
When you do that, there\'s a problem, America. S.
If you do your country, play a leading role in helping the poorest, vaccinating them, and these things --
By causing more people to die, or should you at least keep the level of your commitment, do you go out and say that the vaccine fund, the Global Fund, will we deliver on those commitments?
It\'s really dangerous now.
AMANPOUR: when Steve Jobs died, people came in.
I mean, I don\'t think anyone has seen such a big reaction from a businessman.
How do you explain?
Gates: Steve Jobs did a great job.
When you think about why the world is better today, the Internet, PCs, phones, the way you process information is so amazing.
AMANPOUR: You must have heard of the books published.
Walter Isaacson authorized a book about Steve Jobs.
He said something about you and I want you to manage it.
He said something hard to hear.
He basically said you \"have no imagination, have never invented anything, and have shamelessly plagiarized other people\'s ideas.
\"This thing is very difficult.
How do you react to this?
I work with Steve, you know, create--
Create Mac.
We have more people on it and do key software for it.
So, in the 30 years we worked together, he said a lot of good things about me and said a lot of hard things.
I mean, he has faced the fact several times at Apple that their products are so expensive that they may not stay in the market.
So we have been successful with high volume products, you know, including a range of prices, which is difficult because of the way we work with multiple companies.
So in fact, you know, at different times, he felt trapped and he felt like he was--
He\'s good people. we\'re bad people. you know, that\'s understandable.
I respect Steve, you know.
We have to work together.
Even as competitors, we encourage each other.
None of this bothered me. AMANPOUR: Mr.
Gates, thank you very much.
Now, in the memorial. (Start Video)
Daniel Burke, capital city: Frankly, we won\'t be satisfied unless we are the first.
Pakistan People\'s Party: I hope humanity will be positive and free.
AMANPOUR: We remember all the people who died in the war this week.
The Pentagon has released the names of 10 soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
AMANPOUR: Now, look at what\'s going on politically next week.
Herman Kane, who won the Des Moines registration vote, will travel to Washington tomorrow to promote his 999 plan at the National News Club.
Many of his opponents squatted for a week in Iowa.
Rick Perry is one of the people who gave a speech to the National Manufacturers Association at Pella (ph).
On Wednesday, Rick Santorum finished his trip to Eagle Eye State and visited 99 counties.
The most interesting political event of the week took place outside the Texas campaign, where Herman Kane and Newt Gingrich held their first time in the Lincoln series --
Douglas debate
President Obama will travel to Cannes, France on Thursday to attend the G20 summit.
Next, the final idea of a new exhibition may begin to open a page in American relations with Islam.
We have some great photos to show you.
So stay with us. (
Business break)
Before we say yes.
Goodbye today, we want to leave you a feast and a lot of food to think about.
Visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will visit the newly renovated Islamic Art Gallery starting this week.
Since the 9/11 terrorist incident, Americans, in fact, are the majority of the world, and the unrest in relations with Islam is understandable.
At a bad time, Met, which owns one of the world\'s most prominent Islamic art collections, closed the gallery and carried out a 2003 renovation.
This is the time when we urgently need to see the other side of this civilization, and we need to know more than less about Islamic culture.
So now, from ancient Persia to Egypt, Turkey and Arab lands, Central Asia and South Asia, art has crossed for thousands of years and demonstrated all its glory.
About 1354 magnificent tiles from prayer niches in Persia or Iran.
The Emperor\'s carpet took more than three years to recover, another Persian masterpiece believed to have belonged to Peter the Great of Russia.
In the room in Damascus, we can see how the 18th-century Syrian nobles lived and entertained.
We are curious about the uprising today.
All of this, more importantly, is not a tribute to religion, but, as a secular region of civilization and a panorama of history, this civilization innovated Europe hundreds of years before the birth of the United States.
Walking in this treasure house of Islam requires both awe and intimacy and almost heartfelt relief. it is beautiful for thousands of years and can counter the fear and disgust of the past 10 years.
This is our show this week.
Next Sunday, current Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and I join us as we discuss her new memoir about the life of the Bush administration.
Be sure to watch the World News with David Moore tonight for all the latest headlines.
Thanks to all of you here for watching.
See you next week.
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