thugs hit each other with boxes and bags of rubbish in a mass brawl that stops the traffic on a busy london road

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-14
It was a shocking moment when a group of thugs had violent quarrels in the middle of a busy road and attacked each other with bins, cartons and wrapping paper.
The men punched and kicked at the Angel station on Islington street in north London, causing traffic to pause.
At one point, these people even get together with each other with things that look like paper rolls.
It is believed that the film was recently filmed, Christmas decorations are visible, and the video was shared yesterday on social media.
The video began with this outrageous quarrel.
Next to a set of traffic lights, at least six people fight each other.
A man was kicked many times by several others while lying on the ground.
A screaming woman tried to intervene to prevent the man from being beaten and kicked.
At the same time, another person was repeatedly hit in the head by a roll of wrapping cardboard pallet display.
Due to the power of the blow, he eventually crashed into the bin behind him, and several others began to pick up garbage bags from the ground and throw at each other.
Then, the camera went back to the pair of men who fought with cardboard pallet display.
Then, as the oncoming vehicles approached, their battle spread to the middle of a busy road.
When they punched and kicked each other, the traffic came to a standstill.
The other man ran to them and began to attack them in cartons.
The woman rushed to try to break the battle, but the two boxers fell into the middle of the road.
The man holding the carton briefly chased the other person, but then returned to continue the attack brawl pair.
As the group continued to fight and wrestle in the middle of the road, the car horn rang.
They seemed to eventually agree to stop fighting.
The reason for the start of the battle is not clear.
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