Top 5 Mobile Apps to help you do your bit for the Environment

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-03
On World Environment Day, DNA tells you how to contribute to the environment through these green AppsA carbon footprints, the total amount of greenhouse cardboard packaging box emissions caused by one person.
\"My Footprint Calculator\" is an application that can calculate the environmental impact of the user\'s daily activities and give advice on how to reduce the impact of everyone.
The app takes your daily fuel consumption, electricity consumption, eating habits and calculates your carbon footprint in tons.
Have you ever thought about how to deal with old bottles, buttons, cartons and other things that are useless to you if you like to make your own handicrafts, you want some ideas to recycle old stuff into new cool stuff to design your place, this is the app for you!
Built with bottles or old glass jars.
The app contains step-by-step instructions along with pictures that will inspire you to get your hands started.
So don\'t buy something new, just recycle it!
Did you know that regularly cleaning up the dust on the coil on the back of the refrigerator will make this informative app more efficient and it offers more than 150 green tips.
Get tips related to water, transportation, waste and material resources, household consumption, make better and effective choices when your phone runs out of juice every 4 hours, all charging adds a high amount of time, don\'t you hate it Monthdoctor Doctor is a free battery saver app by finding apps and settings that drain your power, can extend your battery life by 50% devices.
It also determines how long your battery will last in various situations (
Play games, turn wifi on or off, etc)
The app also contains a widget \"mission killer\" to alert and list by controlling other power-hungry apps Android, iPhone, this eco-friendly day by saving unnecessary cardboard pallet display, say no to waste.
Todoist is a task list app that allows you to make a list and helps you stay organized. No more post-
The cardboard pallet display nailed to your desk.
Manage your tasks, plan your future with schedular, and do your part for the environment!
Android, iPhone, iPad
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