tottenham\'s time at wembley: real madrid ecstasy to fa cup agony

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-28
With plans to move Tottenham to the new stadium delayed until 2019, we can take a look at their experience at Wembley.
When the Spurs moved into the national stadium at the beginning of last season, it was understandable that people were worried about the prospect of playing an entire season at a stadium they were not friendly to in recent seasons.
After reaching an agreement to hold a Champions League match at the National Stadium in 2015/16, the capacity of White Hart Lane was reduced, after a series of bland displays, maur Theo Pochettino\'s team failed to withdraw from the group.
In the last year of White Hart Lane, they won 17 of 19 league games, and the fans were nervous about their prospects when they thought that Spurs had played all the games at Wembley.
In the end, these concerns are unfounded as they continue to win third place in the Premier League and push Juventus all the way through the knockout stages of the Champions League.
How did they do it? . .
August 20, 2017: Spurs 1-
Chelsea did not start living easily at their makeshift home, as champions Chelsea were the first to come to the National Stadium.
Like their FA Cup semi-final.
A few months ago, the Spurs finally lost to the same opponent. the Spurs have long dominated, but found themselves on the wrong side of the result.
Early free food in Marcos Alonso
Kick was eventually canceled by 82-minute Michy Batshuayi\'s own goal, and only Alonso appeared with the winner three minutes later, beating Hugo on his near post ·
After the old draw in Burnley and Swansea, the words of the \"Wembley curse\" have increased further, although the two disappointing league results have caught an impressive 3-
The Champions League beat Dortmund.
October 14: Spurs 1-
In October 14, Bronco Tottenham finally won the home league title they were eager for, despite a bitter battle.
After a two-minute break, Christian Eriksson\'s goal was enough to win a game where they enjoyed 72 points.
9 cents.
October 22: Spurs 4-
It was a game where the Spurs felt at home at Wembley, and when the topic of the curse was finally lifted, they won Jurgen Klopp\'s victory because of Harry Kane\'s double motivation.
Kane opened the door after four minutes of opening the door red, and then used the mistake of Deyan lovelen as Heung-
Min\'s son will score in eight minutes.
Mohammed Salah pulled back a shot in 24 minutes, only for Del Alli to shoot home at half-time. time.
Kane\'s shot at Vertonghen in January was ruled out online to finish the Spurs at the time, and then he pulled out of the House
Best display in their temporary home.
October 25: Tottenham Hotspur 2-
Three days later, West Ham and Tottenham looked to enjoy their lives in the light of the EFL Cup, and the game entered 2-
Thanks to the goals of Moussa Sissoko and Allie, their opponents in London are leading 0.
But West Ham became a team after the break, and before Angelo obbonner took the lead in a 70-minute game, Angelo obbonner put it in five minutes.
November 1: Spurs 3-
Real Madrid at Wembley as the defining game of the early Spurs era-
Complaints of the season have been forgotten on a brilliant night in the Champions League, where the Spurs will disband the final title.
They poured into a 2-0 half-
Thanks to Alli\'s two people and noisy family support, they can hardly believe their eyes when a quick counterattack
Eriksson completed the attack on them.
0 65 minutes ago.
Alli missed a great opportunity.
Before Cristiano Ronaldo had 10 minutes left to pull back a goal, but it seems that no one at Wembley noticed or cared about it.
A December 12 month feastBy, the Spurs have completely got their feet under the table.
They have Wembley.
They played four home games that month and scored 15 goals. A 3-
December 6 Champions League 0 win Apoel 5 Win 0 after three days
Sorry for Stoke\'s 1 hit, 2-
Win Brighton on the 13 th-
The lucky cross of Serge Aurier floats here, breaking the resistance of tourists.
Kane scored twice against Stoke City and then performed better on Boxing Day, grabbing a hattrick in a 5-
After Southampton, I spent a good month in Wembley for the Pochettino team.
January 31: Tottenham Hotspur 2-
0 man udesboro has maintained a good Wembley condition in the new year, and his son\'s amazing strike has been 1-
Before they removed Everton, they drew a match against West Ham. 0 on the 13th -
Kane added two more to his record.
But if Real Madrid were Tottenham\'s most exciting night at Wembley
Manchester United\'s win at the end of the month is the most ruthless.
They were ahead in just 17 seconds.
Alli and Danes knocked Kane down on Eriksen\'s road and made no mistakes from 10 yards.
Phil Jones scored his own goal in 28 minutes and Spole was the most complete in Pochettino.
February 10: Spurs 1-
If Tottenham allow Arsenal to beat them at the National Stadium, none of these wins matter, but it seems unlikely despite the narrow score.
Kane proved this again, and after four minutes of rest he stood high and was ready to go home to reward the Spurs for dominance.
They have scored 17 shots at Arsenal\'s four and 10 corners, but Arsenal may have only grabbed one point for Alexander raqqazet and wasted the last two-
When the Spurs were third in the Premier League, they took the chance.
The victory also left Tottenham at the Premier League record, with 83,222 fans pouring into Wembley.
March 7: Spurs 1-
Juventus have been unbeaten at Wembley since the England Cup lost to West Ham in October and have won 2-
Two draws in the first leg of the Champions League-A tie in Italy.
When the son put them in 1-
Rose 0 in 39 minutes.
But the game went off in four seconds.
Iguain and Paul Dibala played for half a minute to break the hearts of the home fans.
Kane hit the inside of the post within seconds of death, the ball bounced off the post, and the Spurs Champions League dream was over.
April 14: Spurs 1-
Manchester City Spurs have been unbeaten in the league since losing to Chelsea in August, but Manchester City has given them another lesson.
Earlier this season in Etihad\'s game.
Visitors Gabriel Jesus and Ilkay gundgen
Leading 0 in 25 minutes, while Eriksson\'s lucky goal in 42 minutes gave Tottenham hope, Rahim Stirling\'s goal in 72 minutes made Guardiola\'s team
April 21: Manchester United 2-
1 Last chance for Spurs in the Silver Cup and FA Cup semi-final
The final against Manchester United at home.
They made the perfect start, Alli scored a beautiful goal in 11 minutes to reward them for their early advantage, but they couldn\'t expand the lead and Alexis Sanchez (24)
Then give Mourinho\'s team motivation in a beautiful header.
Eric Deere\'s deflection effort hit the post at half-time.
Herrera has secured Manchester United\'s record --
20 FA Cup final-
Spurs for the eighth consecutive FA Cup semi-finalfinal defeat -
The end of the crisp. May 13: Spurs 5-
Leicester\'s last game of the 2017/18 season is crazy. a classic end-of-season goal-
Because the two teams attack each other without any defense.
Jamie Wadi scored two goals and Kane responded in three minutes twice.
In the middle, Eric Lamella grabbed two of his own goals, Christian Forth\'s own goal Riyad Mahrez, and Kelechi Iheanacho\'s.
September 15: Spurs 1-
Liverpool should have been Tottenham\'s first game at the new stadium, but the delay in the \"key system\" means they will be at Wembley for a long time, which allows Liverpool to play for their 4-
A failure last season.
In fact, it was a full victory for the Reds, and georgiño vinino and Roberto Fermino rewarded the tourists with the last victory of Lamella
The one-minute strike brought a beautiful goal to the sleeping Spurs.
October 3: Tottenham Hotspur 2-
Last season, Messi was determined to prove that he and his Barcelona team will not suffer the same fate.
The Argentinian took part in the Champions League masters class to motivate his team in a possible 4-8.
After the second time Philip Cutinho played
In the opening minute, Messi scored twice, and Ivan Rakitic\'s amazing volley added luster to the famous night.
However, the Spurs may have gained something from this game, La Mera\'s 66 th.
The minute target dragged them back to 3-
Before Lucas Mora\'s shot was defeated by the goalkeeper.
But Barcelona insisted, and it was appropriate for Messi to win his second victory in overtime.
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