Toys R Us comes crawling back, just in time for the holidays

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-05
AMELIA, Ohio —
The giraffe should have been away for a long time, but he is here, beaming on Kroger\'s cardboard floor display display.
He\'s right at home, surrounded by non-blinking dolls and drones, and they snap easily when small hands inevitably place them directly into ceiling fans.
A bucket of green soldiers waited for their release and finally stepped forward.
Tied up with a rose-colored child
Cheeky, tied to a toy, turns around the display like a predator.
They grabbed the box and left fingerprints on the plastic.
Some toys grab their boxes before they start beautifully. pleasing.
\"Mom,\" shouted a boy at buzz cut, setting up an action chart.
\"Look, they have poison juice!
\"I\'m not talking about this right now,\" said his mother, but before she took her son to the pharmacy, she said the name on the box in her mouth and nodded.
When parents walk past the zoo, they push their shopping carts.
Some recognized smiles.
Others narrowed their eyes and stared suspiciously at the giraffe and his toys.
Impossible, right? It is.
Cute mascots, arrangement of toys, bright, lumpy fonts spelling \"Jeffrey\'s toy box\" are all seeds of the complex return of the toy fight city.
* The decline of the toy fight city is a long process, marked by failed acquisitions, huge debts and failures with the big fight city --
Box and online competitors.
After filing for bankruptcy in September 2017, the toy store, which made the children happy for 60 years, announced that it would close the door, leaving 33,000 employees unemployed.
Then, as the retailer prepares for the profitable first holiday without the toy fight city, the company rises from the grave.
The assets of the hedge fund that submitted the documents were firmly controlled in October against the brand, website domain name and mascot Geoffrey, giraffe of toys and baby toys, taking into account the \"new, we run toys, toys and baby brands.
A month later, Kroger announced that he would work with Jeffrey, a toy R & D city intellectual property subsidiary, to bring pop-
There are as many as 600 toy stores during the holiday. The pop-
Ups has 35 toys from six brands that used to be the exclusive product of the toy fight city, including Imaginarium, just like home and travel girl.
\"I \'ve never seen anything in our store that our customers are so excited about,\" said Erin Rolfes, corporate affairs manager at Kroger . \".
\"Everyone was disappointed to hear that the toy fight city went bankrupt.
The idea of bringing it back to a home store like Kroger has given people a strong sense of nostalgia, a good opportunity to introduce Jeffrey\'s toy box.
\"But while some customers are intoxicated with this return, the news is far less popular for a large number of former employees.
Seeing the brand revived while many families struggled after losing their jobs, Carrie Gleason said she was the campaign manager for the worker advocacy group Rise Up Retail, which works with the former
Toys fighting city employees
\"It\'s hard to explain how the person in charge of clearing the company feels like the person who did it,\" said fired Anthony kitlinson and his fiancée, after years of working in the toy fight city
\"It feels like a slap in the face.
When he found Jeffrey\'s toy box pop up
Ups, Kittleson, and his family went to the local Kroger in kakamungaranjo, California. , to protest.
Gleeson said families in Arizona, Washington, Ohio and elsewhere in California did the same.
Kittleson holds his 7-month-
The old daughter Gemma at the Toy Show held a sign that said, \"because of Solus and Angelo Gordon, I will never be a child in the toy fight city, the company currently owns two hedge funds.
Solus Alternative Asset Management and Angelo Gordon & Company did not respond to requests for comment from The Washington Post.
\"Putting my daughter\'s face in front of the display is a way for us to say \'Hey, these are the people you hurt, \'\" Kittleson said . \".
* While Jeffrey\'s toy box is known for marking the possible comeback of the toy fight city, it is unlikely to capture most of the holiday toy market share due to its limited offerings, according to D. linda Bolton wither, an analyst at the company, saidA. Davidson.
Children are rigid about their Christmas lists and are usually not interested in products they don\'t know.
Bolton wither says there is not much visibility for Jeffrey\'s Toy Box brand.
\"Kids will want Hot Wheels, Barbie, Nerf and other licensed products,\" said Bolton wither . \".
Jeffrey\'s toy box \"does not carry products that will allow them to compete with diversified retailers.
This is not important in the entire retail sector.
\"The main customers of Pop --
Ups is going to be a \"convenient buyer\" and he needs something quick, but not sure what to get, says Bolton wither.
Of course, some customers feel warm and fuzzy when they see Jeffrey, but it may not be enough to drive important sales.
\"Nostalgia is only so far,\" said Bolton wither . \".
\"It is not enough to let toys fight against the city to do business.
On Tuesday night, in Kroger, east of Cincinnati, Rosemary Wallis escaped in a box of traveling girl dolls. The 73-year-
I don\'t care about pop music.
Toys fighting city-related (
She has avoided this before because of congestion and confusion).
Now she is looking for a cheaper alternative to the expensive American Girl doll her granddaughter wants.
\"I hope she will be satisfied if they have a doll named Amy,\" Voyles said . \".
\"That\'s her name.
All the dolls were Dana and Meredith, so she left.
She\'s not looking for a gift for her big grandson because she knows he wants a special name --
There are no brand models on the shelves. But her 3-year-
She reasoned that the old grandson would be happy with anything buzzing or moving.
She picked up a blue plastic saw and boasted \"realistic blade action\" on the box \".
\"That\'s enough,\" she mused, throwing it in the cart with the side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner.
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