Unreasonable return, Cai Yi Jie is not used to you.

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-02-03

 Men buy cardboard lama standees at 1500, after more than a week, ask for a duty-free return, Cai Yijie: can be refunded, the carton fee is 350.

 Recently, I spent 1500 to buy cardboard lama standees, Mr. Gu is somewhat depressed. After using the newly purchased capacity cardboard lama standee for a week, Mr. Gu feels that the capacity is too small and wants to return it to the merchant! But unfortunately, Mr. Gu had already discarded all the cartons used for cardboard lama standee packaging.

 Although there was no reason to return the goods for 7 days, Mr. Gu insisted on returning without reason, because he thought that the Cai Yijie shopping guide had misled him. Mr. Gu told reporters: 'He (Cai Yijie shopping guide) still talks nonsense with me.

Finally, Cai Yijie's employees said they can return the goods, but the cost of the carton is 350. Upon listening to this request, Mr. Gu suddenly became angry. He found the media in an angry way to expose the matter and hoped to solve the problem in this way.

 After understanding the situation, the reporter accompanied Mr. Gu to come to this Cai Yijie and found the head of the store, Wang. First, the store manager denied that the 40-liter capacity cardboard lama standee can use 60 liters of hot water. He pointed out that this may be the employee's mistake, or Mr. Gu may have misunderstood.

 As for Mr. Gu’s anger, “a carton has to deduct him for 350 yuan”. Mr. Gu bluntly said that a large wooden box would not cost 350 yuan. Mr. Wang said that the bar code on each box is the same as the machine on the liner. If the customer wants to return the barcode, it needs to be re-applied. The application requires a lot of processes and expenses, which adds up to a total.

 Seeing the reporter at the scene, Wang said that if Mr. Gu insisted on returning, he could only charge him 100 cartons, but Mr. Gu asked for unconditional return. The two sides did not talk about it, and Mr. Gu said that he would think of other ways to solve the matter.

 For this matter, I don’t know what everyone thinks?
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