update 3-kimberly-clark backs 2010 eps view; shares rise

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-05
Still see $4 per share for 2010. 80-$5.
00, $4 Street View. 87 * Seeto-
High single digit EPS growth as of 2015 * Sales Growth 3-
5 pct to 2015 * marketing expenditure exceeded sales growth * share increased by 2. 6 percent (
Add product and marketing details, update inventory activity)
Jessica Wall, New York, March 22 (Reuters)-Kimberly-Clark Corp (KMB. N)
Supporting its fiscal 2010 profit forecast, it said it would invest more money in marketing to rekindle sales of goods from toilet paper to tampon.
It\'s time to launch new items, including premium items.
The price, even though the United StatesS.
In a meeting with analysts on Monday, Chairman and Chief Executive Thomas Falk said consumers were \"still cautious \".
Executives say they can continue to cut costs and use the savings to promote new products.
Despite this, Falk said, the company is still hit by rising costs for pulp and other commodities and will update its cost input forecast in April.
Last year, Kimberly
Clark has cut some 1,700 jobs and made investments in the healthcare sector such as acquisitions to improve its strategy
Pressure from cheaper private companies
Labels of products such as paper towels.
At the New York event, Falk said the changes gave the company a \"good launch pad of 2010 \".
Although Falk chose not to pick the most popular product from the new product, he said that he also loves all the \"children\" of the company, and kotex gave you a lot of attention during the event on Monday, kotex is a beautifully packaged female pad and tampon for young women.
Other new goods in the United StatesS.
The market includes softer, stronger cotton toilet cardboard pallet display, color and printed independent underwear, and Kleenex disposable towels for the bathroom. Kimberly-
Chief marketing officer Tony Palmer said Clark plans to increase marketing spending faster than net sales by 2015.
While Palmer will not quantify this growth, he calls it \"significant growth \".
\"Kotex\'s U, launched in Australia in 2004, won the United StatesS.
The remodel includes black cartons with neon accents and a commercial ad looking for fun in typical female care ads.
The price of the new Tampax Pearl will be comparable to that of P & G\'s high-end product (PG. N)
Andrew Mel, Kimberly\'s vice president, said that while tablets will cost more than competitors
Clark\'s products for women, adults and advanced care in North America.
In the diaper category, although P & G\'s thinner, more absorbent Pampers have stepped up the competition, Falk is \"very comfortable\" with the hug series \". [ID:nN22211732][ID:nN25129541]
Hugo Gies is updating diapers and training pants in North America, including bringing a diaper that looks like jeans to the market for a limited period of time.
Falk said in an interview that the diapers were originally sold in Israel and the price would be 5% to 7% higher than ordinary hugs.
Some products sold in the world, such as Viva wipes for stainless steel appliances in Australia, are not available in the United States.
Other ideas to try overseas include selling women\'s care products next to underwear at Korean department stores. Kimberly-
Clark plans to focus on fast-
Growing markets such as China, Russia and Latin America still expect adjusted earnings of $4 in fiscal 2010. 80 to $5.
Sales rose 5% to 6% per share at 00.
Some analysts have said high-end earnings forecasts could be too high.
Analysts tracked by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S are estimated to be $4 on average. 87 per share. Kimberly-
Clark shares closed 2.
At the end of regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange, it rose 6% to $63.
So far this year, they have lagged behind rival P & G.
Rising pulp prices have a greater impact on Kimberly after Chile\'s earthquake
Clark\'s products are more paper products. Kimberly-
Clark is expected to pay $0. 3 billion to $0. 4 billion for pulp and oil
Falk said that this year\'s base materials and other inputs may now have reached or exceeded the high end of this range. Kimberly-
Clark now expects to cut costs by $0. 4 billion to $0. 45 billion in three months.
For the annual plan as of 2010, the initial target was $0. 35 billion to $0. 45 billion.
It aims to save some $0. 4 billion to $0. 5 billion during the period 2011 to 2013 by forming a global procurement organization. Kimberly-
Clark turned it down.
The target for regular capital expenditure is 4. 5 percent to 5.
5% of net sales, compared with the previous 5% to 6%. (
Reports from Jessica wall in New York, additional reports from Renju Jose in Bangalore;
Edited by Maureen Bavdek and Tim Dobbyn)
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