use fish bowls to create miniature liquor counter displays

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-23
The use of fish tanks to make miniature liquor displays is popular in a variety of restaurants, pubs, liquor shops and other establishments that sell alcohol;However, before you dive into this profitable addition to your countertop, take a look at the three steps below.Step 1: Consider your counter space and then think about the miniature liquor you\'re going to sell and the type of fish tank you\'re going to show, and you\'ll have to look at the amount of counter space you\'ll have to use.In the end, this space will determine how large or small your miniature liquor display needs, which in turn will help you determine what containers and miniature liquor you need to buy.
Your options are rich if you have enough counter space.You can create a small display consisting of a large container or several small containers, or you can create a large display consisting of many large or small containers, or even a mixture of large and small containers.However, if you have a small amount of counter space to use, your options will be more limited.
Please note that it is still entirely possible to create an attractive miniature liquor display with a fish bowl;All you need to do is make sure that the size of the container and bottle is compatible with your counter space.Step 2: Select your tank container, now you know how much counter space you have to use, and it\'s time to select the tank container you will use for the display of the mini liquor counter
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