what is an acrylic display case?

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-12-21
When people think of display cabinets, most people get photos of glass and metal display cabinets found in jewelry stores or specialty stores, where stores show their goods for sale.
When we hear the term, acrylic display case, it is not usually considered what it is actually.
The acrylic display box used in the scale model building is not actually made entirely of acrylic, but rather a combination of acrylic and a variety of hard wood.
Acrylic resin comes from the manufacturer in the form of paper, usually 4 feet by 8 feet paper.
The color, design and thickness are very different because it is an oil-based product, so the cost is very high.
The quality of acrylic is also different from most products that consumers may buy.
I purchased two sheets of thickness, 1/8 and 3/16, both of which provide all the strength and stability needed to produce a high quality finished housing.
I also use red oak as my hardwood floor because over time it is a wood that has been used in many ways, not only for furniture, but also for everyday solid building materials
The acrylic display box is formed by bending the acrylic to form a three-sided cover, welding two end heads to form the box, my curved edge design, or by cutting 5 pieces of acrylic resin and welding them together precisely, form a box, which I call construction edge design.
Once this base has been created to be cut to precisely allow the acrylic cover to be mounted on the routing lip formed on the wooden base to provide a seal, prevent debris from being deposited in dust and air to be displayed on the cut item.
Then, I buffer the edges of the acrylic cover so that each surface is smooth and highly polished, and after thorough polishing, dye the wood base layer and apply a transparent polyurethane finish to keep it beautiful, prevent dirt and oil.
Once the case and base are completely dry, it provides a beautiful choice for model builders and collectors to proudly present their similar buildings, and know that their investment will not be protected by unexpected bumps and curious hands.
The acrylic display case comes in two ways, standard size or \"ready-made\" size, which saves the cost of manufacturers and customers through repeated cutting and standardized machine setup or custom display case options.
Custom display boxes are produced according to the exact size of the customer for their particular item.
This is a bit expensive, but it makes the parts of the model builder unique in both the model and the display cabinet it displays.
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