what is green gaming?

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-29
Almost everything from car to family to work these days is \"green.
So it\'s not surprising that the video game industry is also looking for a greener approach [source: U. S.
Department of Energy.
According to a report from the National Committee for resource protection, this is a much needed change (NRDC)
It is estimated that the power consumption of electronic game machines is about 16 billion kilowatts.
Power supply time per year-
Consumption across San Diego is roughly the samesource: NRDC].
Sony\'s PlayStation 3 is one of the most serious criminals reported, consuming an average of 150 watts in active mode (
In contrast, the Nintendo Wii used about 16 watts during the game).
Video game packaging is another serious environmental problem.
In 2007, about 0. 101 billion video games were sold in plastic shells.
The energy required to produce this package is equivalent to the greenhouse cardboard packaging box emissions of more than 9,000 vehicles [source: Wal-Mart].
NRDC report estimates that when we don\'t use the game, we can save 11 billion kilowatts by just turning the game off
Energy costs of $1 billion and 7 million tons of electricity per hour (
More than 6 million metric tons)
Carbon emissions per year.
Some retailers have begun to focus on the green game program. In 2008, Wal-
Mart held a green Games Summit with delegates from video game makers Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony and the National Resource Protection Council.
Manufacturers are looking for solutions such as packaging and manufacturing low using cardboard floor display
Power mode when not using the console. ÂxadHewlett-
Packard will release more energy-efficient gaming computers-
More efficient than their predecessors.
HP Firebird will run at 350 Watts only--about one-
The fifth energy needed to power big game computers.
A company executive likened the new PC to transforming natural cardboard packaging box.
Hybrid off-road vehicle [Source: PCWorld]
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