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It is very popular to show souvenirs in photo frames.Sporting Goods, collector\'s plates, medals and clothes are just samples of a large number of items that are regularly displayed.Retail stores have a lot of examples of complete shadow boxes that are usually priced high due to the originality of the presentation.
It\'s easy to find frames for artwork and photos, with standard sizes everywhere.The Shadow Box frame is a different story.Many people need strange shapes, and the required depth may be anything from a fraction of the inch to a few inches.
Some of the larger art supply stores and crafts stores have limited supply of shadow box frames.The custom frame store can design one according to your requirements, but for larger frames, the cost can easily reach several hundred dollars.The shadow frame can be divided into three categories (B) 1.
A shallow frame of about 1/2.
These frameworks can usually use \"ready-made\" frameworks.Coins, metal, ribbons and other items.Often no depth of more than 3/8 to 1/2 is required, and many common frameworks adapt to this situation.Some frames are also equipped with \"double\" rabbet, which is usually used for cardboard hook displaypainting.
The depth can reach 1/2.
The standard size \"off-shelf\" frame is relatively cheap.2.Real shadow box (solid wood) frame.These depths will allow up to 4 inch m or more depending on the design.Usually a rabbet is placed at the bottom of the frame for the installation of the back.
The Shadow Box frame requires a lot of high quality wood, which is hard to get and is usually quite expensive.The inside and back sides usually need to be decorated with covering materials, usually matboard or similar.3.A display box suitable for the \"off-shelf\" frame.
The display box is made for rabbet that fits the normal frame.They usually advance.Lining with mat or cardboard pallet display material, you can add your own lining if needed.If used with the real shadow box frame, the steps to decorate the side and back are eliminated and easy to disassemble.
The good thing is that a very nice frame can turn into a shadow box at any depth very cheaply.The back of the display box will stand out from the back of the frame used, so a wide frame can be designed.Display boxes are usually made for specific purposes and are therefore difficult to obtain.
Lining of shadow frame 1.
If the mat is used, the sides of the frame may not be visible.In addition, the glass and mat can be fixed inside using the frame point.Therefore, no work is required on both sides.
If the mat is not used, it should be lined first with foamcore and then with matboard or other decorative materials.(Wallpaper, colored cardboard pallet display, etc.) The top edge of Foamcore will press on the glass and keep it in place.Fix the foam core and lining in place with double sided tape or glue.
Make sure that foamcore and lining are not thicker than the width of rabbet, or can be seen from the front of the frame.3.The back of the box needs material less than 1/4 deep, or the width of Rabbe at the bottom of the frame.Thin plywood or similar material is good, but 3/16 of foamcore is one of the better materials.
It is very smooth and easy to attach to the lining.Align the back with matboard or similar materials and connect with double sided tape or glue.Using a window mat with a shadow box, any shadow box can be used with or without a single or double cushion.
If the mat is used, any number of openings can be placed to effectively display several objects.The mat can even be placed in different positions to increase the \"3D\" effect.If the mat is used, there is usually no need for decoration due to not seeing the sides of the frame.
The type and color of the mat should match the color of the back panel.How to attach an object to a shadow box to attach an object to a box is worth considering.If the object itself is of little value and may never be deleted, it is easier to work.
Many glue can be used for cardboard pallet display and other flat objects.Epoxy can be used for heavier objects.The tub caulking compound is great because you can build a small part of one-inch compound to create a large adhesive area.It is necessary to dry for a long time, but the result is excellent.
For any type of clothing, it is excellent to sew the object behind it.The baseball can be stitched from the stitching through the back panel.Sewing allows the removal of objects without damage.
Velcro can be attached to a softer item and to the back.When removed, there is almost no damage to the item.Glue that can be dissolved with chemicals can be used, but be very careful.
Some imagination can create miracles.
Foamcore can be cut into the shape of the object, embedded in the object to prevent it from moving.This is time consuming and tricky, but the object is still in its original state.There are hundreds of ways to attach objects, and there are many books and articles about them.
Art stores, arts and crafts retailers and libraries are a great source of information.Foamcore\'s auxiliary product as an add-on is an excellent product.There is an edge on the back of the plate, which makes it difficult for them to glue.
A 3x3 \\ \"shaped core can be attached to the back of the board with a caulking compound and then sewn to the back of the box for a larger adhesive area.You can also add to the displayed \"3D\" effect using several layers of foamcore.Abstract The Shadow Box frame can take out those precious items from the drawer or box, put them on the wall and be appreciated every day.
Custom frames, both in size and depth, can be made into frames, from soother for babies to full-size baseball bats with uniforms.For small businesses, the price of buying custom monitors in bulk can be very reasonable and high prices can be obtained.Arts and crafts shops offering courses can produce a very high quality and fun project at a reasonable cost.
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