What is the current market situation?

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-17

 On the occasion of the price increase of Hangzhou Fuyang Paper Mill's crazy whiteboard paper, on January 3, 2019, Cai Yi Jie Pringting Group issued a price reduction letter: 

 1. Two layers of cardboard are lowered by 0.10/square: (4EC: 1.15/square);

 2. The three-layer cardboard is lowered by 0.05/square: (CAC: 1.65/square);

 3, four layers of cardboard floor display down 0.10 / square: (434C: 2.15 / square);

 4. Five-layer cardboard is lowered by 0.10/square: (B434C: 2.60/square).

 In the price increase letter, Cai Yi Jie Pringting Group said that due to the recent decline in the price of raw paper, the company adjusted the existing price based on the principle of mutual benefit.

 To this end, the reporter contacted Mr. Liu, the person in charge of the company, to confirm the current market conditions. Mr. Liu said that the price of the paper is white paper, and has little to do with the company's products, while other paper types have seen a certain decline, so the price is lowered, and mutual benefit with customers.

 Mr. Liu also said that the market situation in Zhengzhou this year is actually ok, but the environmental protection is strict, coupled with other factors, the development of the industry has some difficulties, and it is expected to be better next year.

 Therefore, based on the news of the price reduction of the paperboard and the price increase of the whiteboard paper, the current market demand has not actually rebounded significantly, and the driving force for the price increase of the whiteboard paper is mainly the cost factor.

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