what is the nintendo switch, what games are out now and what is the cardboard nintendo labo?

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-13
For the past year, Nintendo switches have been one of the defining forces in the gaming industry.
The Japanese giant\'s revolutionary device has become the fastest-selling game console ever and has game support.
Here is everything you need to know.
The Nintendo Switch is a big revelation for the gaming industry, and it changes the way we play games and experience them --
Just like Japanese companies deal with consoles like NES and Wii.
It\'s essentially a high
Electric gaming tablets allow players to experience the same game at home and on the move.
Nintendo\'s focus is on bringing ordinary houses --
Incorporate the game experience outdoors without compromising quality, multiplayer and socializing. Hit or miss?
Read our review of the Nintendo Switch. There is a 6 switch. 2-
Inch 720 p HD monitor with rear bracket but this is book-
End by two detachable controllers. These new \"Joy-
Con \"pads can be used to control the game like traditional console controllers, and can also be separated to achieve instant twoplayer, split-
Screen Multiplayer.
Nintendo revealed that there will also be a console bundle where you can get a happy neon blue and a neon red --
Instead of basic gray tones. The Joy-
The Con controller also features HD Rumble technology, which Nintendo equates to being able to feel the interior of the mat like shaking ice cubes in glass.
Happy for those who love amibo-
The NFC reader is also built into the Con R so you can continue with your toy --to-life action.
To celebrate Nintendo\'s tradition, every joy
There\'s a Con pad
The built-in accelerometer can be used as a separate motion controller like the old Wii remote control.
This tablet part can also slide into the docking system connected to the TV for super
Resize all games and convert the switch to Nintendo\'s next home console.
Interestingly, this switch will be the first home game console to use cartridges in decades, rather than a more modern Blu-ray
Run the game but will use the new USB-
C. charging technology, make sure you always have batteries on the go-
Or if you don\'t, it will charge quickly.
At the time of writing, companies such as Amazon, games, Argos and tesco are taking orders and have several bundles.
The retail price of the console itself is 279.
99, can be bundled with a variety of games from Super Mario Galaxy to Zelda: Wild breath.
The game is provided on small boxes-there is a very neat feature that prevents children from swallowing them.
Nintendo Switches have built a very powerful product line.
Get up in a short time.
Here are the most popular games at the moment.
Best RPGsBest multiplayer best racing games best combat games best platform best shoottersnintendo keeps the biggest game display for its direct activities
One such incident happened yesterday, including a series of new titles.
It is titled port, including a legendary
It also launched a new Mario derivative game.
Nintendo Labo is a series of DIY accessories for Nintendo Switches made of cardboard floor display.
The Japanese gaming company has a long history of breaking the traditional quirky technology.
They have been working to find and create \"new ways to play\"
Cartons are involved this time.
Nintendo Labo basically changed your Nintendo Switch and Joy Con controller in the fishing rod, piano, motorcycle and even robot set.
These DIY accessories, combined with your switch, allow your child to hold a piano recital, fish, and win a motorcycle competition.
Making these devices should be as fun as playing games, allowing children to interact with Labo in a more tactile and \"real\" way.
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