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Why choose CaiYiJie cardboard bin box and ready pack

Why choose CaiYiJie cardboard bin box and ready pack


Bin Box, also known as Ready Pack, is the most popular and simple, economical andconvenient recyclable packing method for wholesales. It is widely used in packingmethods of major supermarket, such as WALMART, HOMEDEPOT, LOWS, COSCOand other wholesale and retail industries.

This is a small package box and point of sale display It designs when lid is closed,the products is fully branded and organized in place and protect the items safety whentransit, when the lid is opened this small carton is transformed into a pre-filled shelfready display.

It also named PDQ,or "Pretty Darn Quick" is synonymous with the term ‘retail-ready’and requires minimal handling by the retailer.

We help customers solve maNy kinds of packaging problems, from product packaging to wholesale and retail sales in the market. Caiyijie helps customers solve many problems in cardboard display and the retail industry. 

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