why use a custom display case for collectibles and models?

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-12-21
Over the years, people of all ages have been collecting precious items for display and preservation for the appreciation and admiration of future generations.
The same is true of the Scale model builder, which not only collects but actually builds what they want to display.
I have been making scale models with plastic for several years, mainly as a hobby and relaxation technique, after several disasters and failures, I finally finished something that I\'m proud to show.
I particularly like the scale model boats, which have been building war ships from around the world lately, both new and old.
Finished one of the buildings, USS Arizona, I put it on a shelf for everyone to enjoy, and for a couple of weeks of pets dancing around the house, I noticed a lot of pet hair and dust piled up on the model.
When I tried to clean it, it had static and moisture piled up on it, and it was a nightmare to remove dirt.
With this issue, I decided to make an acrylic lid for the model to keep it clean and safe.
As a woodworking and furniture manufacturer, I decided to use optical grade acrylic and oak as my material.
The result was great and my wife did not object to the display of the box and her other furniture and collectibles in the living room.
These cases either bend the acrylic or do a constructed edge design on the lid, then use solid oak or other hard wood with routing and decorative edges, stain and finish to achieve smoothness
After putting all the effort and work into my model, when I had a full scale model that I really wanted to show and protect, I felt rewarded.
If you take the time and effort to create an am model, they really should invest in a showcase to protect this particular model.
Google\'s quick search for custom display cabinets will generate a variety of display cabinets in the market.
As a scale modeler, you should choose the best case to be able to enhance your work, time and effort.
There are a few cheap plastic display cabinets to choose from, however, cheap display cabinets will make your model look cheap.
With an investment in premium and durable display cabinets, your model will be further protected and art enhanced.
You want your scale model to be shown as an artwork, not something you can buy from the Walmart store.
I also found that by investing in a beautiful display case, my wife was more likely to let me show my model around the house.
However, if your mind is mechanical, you can build the display cabinet yourself and I find it beneficial to find a high quality craftsman who can include high quality acrylic resin and different wood, to create a premium shell that is pleasing to the eye.
If you have a large scale model, you may need a custom display cabinet to meet the specifications of your model.
I worked with a few craftsmen who helped me design the best display case for my model.
In my experience, I found it a valuable investment to add a custom display cabinet to protect and save my time-consuming work.
I didn\'t want to see my USS Arizona model ship scattered on the floor because the cat decided to take a look!
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