willow trees caught out as culprit for kashmir lake\'s woes

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-30
Thomson Reuters Foundation-
More than 2 million willow trees
Used to be the main source of wood for cricket bats, fruit boxes and fires --
Will be cut near India.
As part of efforts to restore the region\'s largest flood basin, manage Lake Urals in Kashmir.
One of Asia\'s largest freshwater lakes, 34 km northwest of Srinagar, the summer capital of Kashmir, is ignored by the Himalayas.
Known for its deep, pristine waters, the lake has suffered severe degradation in recent decades.
In a 2007 study, the international wetland conservation organization said the lake covers an area of about 218 square kilometers, including 58 square kilometers of wetlands.
It shrank by 45% in a century.
From 158 square kilometers in 1911 to 87 square kilometers in 2007
According to the report, due to drainage from agriculture and willow plantations.
The government of Jammu and Kashmir now plans to cancel about two.
Starting next month, 1 million willow trees and 20 million cubic meters of silt will promote ecology in a conservation projecttourism.
The planting of willows began in Waller in 1924, mainly to provide firewood, and the planting area was included in the Kashmir forest sector in the 1980 s.
In the 1980 s and 1990 s, the agricultural sector in the region planted large areas of willow trees because of a surge in demand for wood to make cricket bats and fruit boxes.
However, in recent years, experts have identified problems related to serious silt deposits.
It includes a decrease in water in the Lake, a decrease in fish resources, and the emergence of willow trees.
\"These plantations are barriers to silt --
The Jhelum River is loaded with water, forcing it to discharge sediment into the lake, thus reducing water
\"Maintain capacity,\" said Samiullah Bhat of the Department of Environmental Science at the University of Kashmir, who participated in the environmental impact assessment of the removal of Ural willow trees.
Irfan Rasool Wani, coordinator of the Urals Protection and Management Authority (WUCMA)
According to remote sensing images, the planting area of willow trees is about 27 square kilometers.
He told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that the trees, coupled with the severe silt at the place where they grew, have reduced the capacity of the lake by 1 out of 5.
Taking away more than 20 million cubic meters of silt will increase the depth of the lake by 3. 5 metres (11. 5 ft), he noted.
Experts have identified some potential \"short-term\"
Long-term losses caused by planned protection measures
This is due to cost 4.
RS 24 billion ($64. 5 million)-
For example, after the trees are cut down, the release of soil nutrients into the water leads to algae reproduction.
But they say the benefits should outweigh any potential negative effects.
\"The overall impact will be positive as wetland resources, such as fish and aquatic vegetation in the medium and long term, and the generation of labor force (
Clear Willow)
In a relatively short period of time, \"said shaquir long shoo, head of the Department of Earth Science at Kashmir University.
He and botanist Akhtar Malik from the same university said the action would not affect cricket bat manufacturers because now they are sourcing wood from other parts of Kashmir.
At the same time, fruit growers prefer cardboard floor display packaging, which relieves the need for willow trees in Kashmir, where apples and other fruits are grown on a large scale.
Long shaao said that according to scientific advice, the removal of redwood trees should be carried out --
When the water level is lowest, the interference to soil sediment and nutrients is minimal.
He added that the carbon stored in cut-down trees should not be released by burning, but should be kept in wood by using it to make bats, artificial limbs and other products.
Long Xiao said that cutting down the old Willows did not have much impact on the region\'s ability to absorb carbon.
\"Several recent studies have shown that the net carbon retention rate of trees decreases as they mature,\" he said . \".
Most of the willow trees in Urals are \"very mature\", he added \".
Once the trees disappear, the shade decreases, which can cause the summer water temperature to rise and may affect the disease resistance of adult fish, Bhat said.
He added that since invasive plant species may use the nutrient loss and disruption caused by willow removal, it is necessary to monitor the cut-down areas.
The local people were pleased with the plan to revitalize the lake, which provided them with a livelihood.
The international wetland study found that the income of 32,000 families, including 2,300 fishing families, depends on lakes.
65-year-old fisherman Mohammad Subhan Dar, who lives in the village of Saderkote Payeen on the east coast of Wooll, said people make a living by fishing and collecting chestnuts and feed.
But he says the shrinking size of Weiler has become a concern for fishermen.
He added that it now looks like a lake filled with rain and snow-melting water only in spring.
\"Most of its areas remain dry for the rest of the year.
\"We had to drag the boat up because of the lack of water,\" he said . \".
He hopes that the removal of willow trees and silt will help to restore the lake that is \"different now from when I was a child.
He and other locals have heard that tourists will be attracted to the area after building higher dams and more beautiful Lakeshore.
WUCMA coordinator Wani said 34 km
The Changdi will develop into the \"Urals avenue\" to support the ecology
Tourism activities such as birds
Watch, boat and cruise on the lake.
Long said this will open up new income opportunities for the communities around the lake.
\"Tourism can make our lives better,\" said Jabbar Dar. ($1 = 65.
RS 7250 India)
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