Winner winner, chicken dinner

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-18
When in Rome, like the Romans, summarize the chicken chefs in the local chain of restaurants, and why celebrate their 40 th anniversary this year.
So, at the chicken chef in Winkler, you can order some Mennonite dishes like Farmer sausage and schmaunt fat;
Special dishes for the season in Picli restaurant;
Daily specials such as bannock burgers and rice in Pine Falls; and off-
Special Offer for dessert and lunch in St\'s menu.
Boniface franchise on Marion Street.
While most chain restaurants treat the menu as a Bible, they will cancel your franchise if you add new soft drinks, but the chicken chef encourages customization.
\"We are looking (off-menu dishes)
It stands out more in the future because I do think it\'s one of the things that makes us different, \"co-
Said owner Ryan Thorgilsson.
The chicken chef has always opposed the idea that it is just another kind of fried food. chicken joint.
The restaurant started in 1978 when Ryan\'s father, Fred Thorgilsson, was from Arborg, leaving the joy of chicken and with business partner Ed Purvis
They did not start with the idea of opening a franchise in the province.
But people in other small towns approached them and the chicken chef one by one began to sprout.
It has moved into many small towns, and these big chains will only be feared.
Ryan, 41, said: \"It\'s kind of like we know . \" He and Jeff IP bought the company from his father and brother about five years ago.
\"There are sometimes thousands of people in the town we are in,\" he said . \"
Including places like Ste.
According to the 1,026 Canadian census, Rose Lake, a population of 2016; Teulon (1,201 people); Ashern (565); and Dugald (560).
Entrepreneurs also understand that the profits of rural entrepreneurs are often meager.
As a result, their royalties account for only three percentage points of net sales.
In contrast, most other chains have royalties of 5 to 8 cents.
Thorgilsson said that when you combine royalties with advertising budgets for large chains, other franchisees may end up paying 8 to 13 cents on net sales.
\"Our royalties are the lowest you can find anywhere,\" he said . \".
Saul Gilson is not dressed as a Southern gentleman in the snow.
White beard, moustache and suit, or delivered to the door in a chicken costume.
In fact, the advertising budget of the chicken master is relatively small, but it has been increasing.
The chicken chef now has 36 restaurants, including three in the province of SA and one in the SU Lookout, Ontario.
However, access to the Winnipeg market is slow.
It opened its first restaurant on Marion Street in 1989, and then on Portage Avenue near the surrounding highway in 1992 --
On the 93 and about 2004 of nairen Avenue05.
Over the past five years, new owners have added the presence of Winnipeg, with a new location on North Main, mainly
Outside the Portage Ave 570. (Take-
Out business has risen and now accounts for half of its business, Thorgilsson said. )
A 37 and sixth restaurant in Winnipeg will open next spring on the island coast south of Winnipeg.
\"We started out in the countryside and entered the city, so we went backwards compared to most franchises,\" Thorgilsson said . \".
The Winnipeg market has not become easier.
In recent years, major international chains such as Popeyes, Jollibee and Mary Brown\'s Chicken have entered Winnipeg.
But we have our own market segments and so far we have not been affected by competition.
Many winniperg people think that when the fried chicken is actually a complete one, the chicken chef only serves the fried chicken
Service restaurant, Thorgilsson said.
\"We \'ve been doing it for 40 years and people still feel like we have pizza,\" he said . \".
Besides pressure-fried chicken (
Designed to prevent the meat from drying)
It also offers pizza, burgers, a hearty breakfast menu, its own coffee brew, a variety of salads and snacks such as quesadillas, perogies and chicken poutine.
Customers also don\'t go to the front and place orders from the signboard.
There are books on the menu and the waiter will order your order.
The chicken chef uses Chinese cutlery and cutlery instead of cardboard pallet display trays, cartons and plastic forks.
In addition, Thorgilsson says the menu will start showing more local cuisine from individual restaurants in the coming months.
About five years ago, chicken chefs also began issuing licenses for their restaurants.
Its shops in Nairn and new shops on the Island coast, as well as locations in Lac du Bonnet, Steinbach and Gimli, have now been licensed to supply beer, wine and coolers
The Lac du Bonnet has a full lounge and Pine Falls is adding a lounge.
All the chefs did not have the same decor.
The company left this to the franchisees.
It does not want to stifle the creativity of entrepreneurs with rigid consistency.
\"We want you to have a great experience, but not necessarily cookies --
\"Knife one,\" said sogilson.
Owners still see more opportunities to expand in Winnipeg and other parts of the province, such as the crown prince, Selkirk and Beausejour.
They also saw the opportunity to add 30 to 40 franchises in the province. bill.
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