Zhejiang two factories low-cost transfer corrugated board production line

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-19

 This week, a corrugated paperboard factory in Zhejiang and a packaging color printing factory owner continued to transfer the corrugated board production line and supporting equipment at a low price. All of them are in normal operation, and the end of the year is coming. If necessary, you can contact us!

 Zhejiang Paperboard Factory needs to transfer multiple equipments. The transferred equipment includes: Hujingshan 1.8 m fake seven-layer corrugated board production line, date of delivery in June 2003; tungsten carbide tile roller, Qingdao Jiayou computer slitting machine 2 sets, stacking machine 1 set, date of manufacture in 2011; 3 The ton gas boiler was purchased in Nantong, Jiangsu Province in 2017, and the above equipment can be operated normally. Zhejiang one packaging color printing factory ultra-low-cost transfer corrugated cardboard floor display line, Zhejiang Dingding packaging color printing ultra-low-cost transfer 2m fake seven-story lake Beijing mountain corrugated cardboard floor display line, equipment purchased in 2000. The whole line is 102 meters long and 3 dough kneading machines (one A stick is a B type machine, the other two are the original positive pressure quick change type, one B stick one pays E root, all are tungsten carbide, two 5-knife 8-line partial press, stacking up and down respectively.
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