As one of most competitive and favorable suppliers in cardboard display industry, Cai Yijie has been to working on manufacturing cardboard display stands for many years. 

It has cooperated with well-known enterprises from all over the world, such as Want Want group, Hsufuchi, Redbull, Olay, Woolworths and Coles and mostly export to American, Canada, Australia and Mid-east countries etc. Should one of Paper display stand, Supermarket display Shelf you need, welcome to contact us.

 Foshan CaiYiJie Printing Co.,LTD. has set up a professional team accountable for customization service, adhoc for foreign customers. Over the years, it has been supplying customers from design to final production with custom service, exemplified by bespoke cardboard floor display, PDQ, cardboard packaging boxes, cardboard pallet display and so on; Ushering in high-end technology, it maximizes and optimizes the quality and craftmanship of cardboard display provided by CaiYiJie, which also catapults CaiYiJie to international market. In terms of what its advantageous features are, cardboard products available from CaiYiJie are secure and safe to place products, simple and easy to assemble a stand or box, widely applicable for all kinds of products.

Cardboard Floor Display
China Customized Logo Folded Up Corrugated Cardboard Floor Display Stand For Toothpaste
Cardboard Pallet Display
Cardboard Retail Display Stands With Stainless Tube
Cardboard Cosmetic Display
Cardboard Point Of Sale POS Display Stand For Cosmetic Skin Care Beauty
Cardboard PDQ Counter Display
Cardboard Counter Display Stands For Marketing Products Sale

POS Cardboard Display

Customized Point Of Purchase Retail Cardboard Display Stand For Beverage Drinking
Cardboard Lama standee
Cardboard Promotional Advertising Lama Standee Display Stands
Cardboard POP Display
Customized Promotion Retail Cardboard Floor Display Shelves For Pharmacy
Cardboard Packaging Box
Custom Logo Printed Large Packaging Boxes With Wheel And Handle For Rolled Mattress In a Box

We are experienced team of cardboard display designers recommending the correct materials, construction and creative designs to suit your products and brand.



Caiyijie cardboard displays rack are 100% completely customized. Whether you just need a black cardboard display box, a logo printing cardboard floor display, or a multi-color cardboard point-of-sale display, We do have 6 designer with More than 7 years experience in display rack design to service you.

We are familiar with the needs of various supermarket display shelves and have obtained various certifications, FSC, Disney, Walmart, Sedex, Smeta


Cai Yi Jie's cardboard corrugated pallet displaycardboard floor display standcardboard hook hanging display win their popularity in the market and they are mostly applied in a variety of supermakets, fitful for displaying products of each description.

Putting its cardboard retail displays in the market easily catches the attention of shoppers, enhancing of the footfall in the makert for products placed in displays. Cai Yi Jie rich in experience is conversant with any style, any design

                                                                                                               which are in perfect match with customer's demands, should you have any doubt weighing on your mind, please feel free to contact us.




Free standing cardboard display for cookie
promotion display shelf for Kinder
advertising display stand for chips
Display carton for Sauce
Display rack for clothes at Walmart
Marketing display for supermarket

As a cardbaord buyer, have you got any hang of handpicking ideal professional cardboard display manufacturer where you could gain the best quality and reasonable price? Cai Yi Jie has been dealing with all kinds of cardboard stands, welcome to click in latest news from CaiYiJie, not only does it bring you the latest industrial news and knowledge, but also it pinpoints you the best supplier for the majority.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Read More 


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