Long cardboard packaging boxes for PPF Tint Window Film


Cardboard Boxes packaging needs to reflect the transport packaging function and sales packaging function. and in the actual transportation, protection of the product is as important as beautiful customized logo printing. Especially now that the e-commerce shopping is booming, the protective role of paper carton packaging is more important. And the size and quality of the carton boxes required by different businesses vary according to the product. So how should e-commerce businesses choose the carton packaging of products?

1.      Materials for carton packing

When determining the quality of packaging cartons, it is necessary to clarify the carton materials grade. According to the different materials used, there are corrugated cartons and single-layer cardboard boxes.

For example, there are different types of corrugated boxes. A B C E F flute corrugated. The corrugated board made of A Flute corrugated has better cushioning and certain elasticity, while C flute corrugated is second to A. But the stiffness and impact resistance are better than A flute; B flute corrugated arrangement density, made of corrugated board surface flat, high bearing pressure, suitable for printing; Because E flute flute is thin and dense, it shows its rigid strength.

Of course, various corrugated combinations can be made into Double wall board like 5 layers and triple wall board 7 layers of corrugated board, so that its breaking resistance brushing and edge strength ECT is higher.

window film packaging box

cardboard packaging boxes for PPF film

2.      Type of packaging boxes

According to the shape of the product, the way of packaging and the protection performance of the product, the packing box is divided into several types

HSC: Regular Shipping carton

RSC: Half cover lid carton

OSC: Full cover lid carton

Folding Mailer Airplane Box

Drawer box

Shoes box

Top and bottom truck boxes: Mostly used for PPF film tint packaging boxes

Mattress in a box: High, heavy, strong and big packaging carton.

Long cardboard packaging boxes

window film packaging box

3.      How to choose suitable style of packaging boxes

packaging cartons are made of paper and corrugated board are used to pack various things. In industry and life, packaging boxes also provide convenience for our life, so how should we choose packaging boxes? Today, we are going to share with you some ways to choose a carton.

First, we need to be clear about our requirements when choosing a packing box. Packing cartons can be divided into many types, such as corrugated cartons, single-layer cartons, etc. Different packing cartons have different purposes. We need to choose suitable packing cases according to the goods we are shipping and packing.

In order to judge the quality of the packing case, we need to observe the material of the packing case. Different quality of packaging cartons, the materials used are different. We can observe by external observation to see if the material is cloudy, has impurities, or clean, strong material.

Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the indicators of the packing box are qualified, such as whether the compression capacity, edge pressure capacity, adhesion strength, seismic performance and so on meet the requirements. These are the basic requirements for the carton to be qualified. We can judge whether the cartons meet our requirements by weighing these standards.

Finally, we should consider and observe the moisture resistance of the packing box, which is an important function of the packing box. If the packaging box is susceptible to moisture, it will not only affect the quality of the products we store, but also cause a lot of unnecessary losses.

cardboard packaging boxes for PPF film

Long cardboard packaging boxes

window film packaging box

window film packaging box

cardboard packaging boxes for PPF film

Long cardboard packaging boxes

packaging boxes for ppf film

custom logo printed packaging boxes for PPF film

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