• Cardboard Power Wing Dispaly Hanging At Wall For Sweet Candy
  • Cardboard Power Wing Dispaly Hanging At Wall For Sweet Candy
  • Cardboard Power Wing Dispaly Hanging At Wall For Sweet Candy
  • Cardboard Power Wing Dispaly Hanging At Wall For Sweet Candy
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Cardboard Power Wing Dispaly Hanging At Wall For Sweet Candy

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  • Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Cardboard power wings displays are generally more affordable than permanent fixtures made of other materials. This allows businesses to implement eye-catching displays without a significant financial investment. power wing display retail

Product Display

Cardboard Power Wing Display

Cardboard Power Wing Display can offer several advantages for businesses and retailers, especially in the context of point-of-sale marketing and product promotion at walmart supermarket.

Cardboard Power Wing Display can effectively communicate the brand message and enhance product visibility. This is crucial in attracting the attention of shoppers in a crowded retail environment.

For new products or marketing concepts, power wing retail provide a low-risk way for businesses to test the market before investing in more permanent fixtures. This allows companies to gather feedback and adjust their strategies based on real-world results.

power wing retail power wing display

power wing display retail power wing retail

Product Details

sidekick wall display

power wing display

power wing retail

power wing retail are easy to customize in terms of size, shape, and graphics. This flexibility allows businesses to create unique and attention-grabbing displays tailored to sweet candy promotions.

power wing display retail

Hanging display

Hanging display are portable and can be moved around within a store to optimize visibility and impact. This flexibility is particularly useful for changing product placements or adapting to different store layouts.


power wing display retail

Power wing display retail can be made from various materials, including metal, plastic, or wood. cardboard material is often being used, meet the desired aesthetic, and durability requirements.

  • To meet the needs of different customers' requirement, such as display need to convenient installation,

  • heavy bearing, hang on products for show, we do have different kinds of accessories for choose.

power wing retail

Product specification

Hanging display

Place of OriginGuangdong, China
Size20" * 18" *40" with 16pcs hooks;Customized
Brand NameCAIYIJIE Hanging display
PrintingCustomized Logo
Materialcardboard corrugated paper
AdvantageEnvironmentally friendly, convenient and easy to assemble
ApplicationSupermarket and shop 's product promotion display

Product package

power wing retail

Purchasing power wing retail directly from a manufacturer in china is a great way of getting good value for money, of course, freight is also important for saving cost, generally cardboard sidekick displays supplied flat for assembly at factory, this is generally has a lower associated cost,but is not always the most economical option when you consdier you may choose the assembled pack,talk to us and we will discussed with you for get a quote.

power wing display

Cardboard display project

power wing hanging display retail

power wing display retail

power wing display retail candy

power wing retail

Cardboard Power Wing Display sweet

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